Michael Blackson Is Coming For Kevin Hart [WATCH]


Everybody at some point in their life has had a beef with someone. When it happens in the world of comedy it’s a bit different because if usually has something to do with their jokes. Comedian Michael Blackson is no stranger to this as his recent beef with fellow comedian Kevin Hart has blown up.

“Kevin, I guess he’s beefing with me. You know I make jokes about everything that happens. Kevin got mad at me because I made a joke about him,” said Blackson. “I don’t touch family, I don’t touch kids, I made jokes about Kevin and Kevin got sensitive.”

Back in the day, the two used to be very close, even including Blackson traveling with Hart on tour and opening up for him.

“Earlier in those years it was always jokes, jokes, jokes,” explained Blackson. “What he said on The Breakfast Club was not a joke. He was trying to dodo on me pretty much. What he said is I’m using his thing for likes on Instagram and told me I should out more effort into my stand-up.”

However, Blackson wasn’t going to stand for the scolding from Hart because he had no problem putting him in his place.

“Kevin I’m doing a lot of big things, including roasting your little midget behind,” said Blackson.



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