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Reality TV relationships are generally ripe with drama at any given time. Whether it’s due to side chicks, outside children, failed threesomes or secret marriages, you can expect a certain level of disfunction from most reality TV couples. The latest couple involved in relationship drama are Love and Hip Hop Hollywood stars Ray J and his pregnant wife Princess Love, as it’s being reported that Ray J has cheated.

After being married for such a short time (before TV cameras no doubt) and considering all of the drama that led up to the engagement and the actual marriage, it’s really no surprise that Ray J and Princess Love are already having marital troubles. If you factor in Ray J’s track record alone, the possibility that he allegedly cheated on Princess is highly likely

According to The Jasmine Brand, the speculation that Ray J is cheating on Princess began when she posted a series of subliminal posts on social media hinting at leaving a bad relationship and not staying with someone just because you have children together. Then a video of Ray J in a hotel room surfaced and many fans thought they saw a woman in the shower, which fueled cheating speculation even further.

There were also photos recently released that show Ray J without his wedding ring while out at a nightclub with friends. While many fans seem to believe that Ray J possibly cheated on Princess, there are also a host of others who believe that this is all a publicity stunt meant to be a storyline for the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

You can check out all the posts and video that started the cheating rumors BELOW:


Ray J Caught In Alleged Cheating Scandal On Pregnant Wife Princess Love was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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