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On Sunday, veteran journalist April Ryan revealed on CNN that she, along with other White House press reporters, have received death threats.

While speaking to host Brian Stelter Ryan first laid out the difficulties in reporting on an administration that is not respectful of the press and the first amendment.

“There has been a war on the press by the White House, led by this president,” Ryan said.

“I’ve talked to other reporters, you know, we’ve had death threats, being on the road sometimes some reporters are saying at a moments notice the crowd could turn.”

Stunned by her account Stelter interrupted Ryan to confirm her incredible report.

“Yeah. Death threats, yes. For asking questions and reporting. Yes, it’s real,” she said in response.

To combat the attacks, Ryan said that her employer holds the FBI and local police on speed-dial. Ryan echoed the duties of the press, which is to stand as a fourth checks and balance in a democracy.

“This separates us from Russia and China and third world countries that have a problem, they govern the press. We are free and independent. And there are some people, to include this president, that feels that we should not ask questions,” Ryan said.

Ryan said she was chastised by a minister after asking Trump if he was a racist. She maintained she was well within her rights to ask the question because it was not accusatory, but informational.

Ryan, who serves as the Washington D.C. bureau chief for American Urban Radio networks, has continued to be an outspoken critic of the White House–especially after a back and forth with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made headlines last year.

May Ryan and her colleagues continue to question the Trump administration in the name of truth and the first amendment.

Watch the whole segment above.



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