Bernie Sanders: President Trump’s First Year In Office


As of January 18, 2017 President Donald Trump finished a full year in the oval office. As we look back at the year we turn to senator Bernie Sanders for a review of the Presidents year.

In a round table discussion, Sybil Wilkes, Roland Martin and Jacque Reid talk with Sanders about how Trump has dealt with immigration, his plans for 2020, the middle class family, closing the race gap, and Black women in elections in 2018.

Gentrification and the lack of employment has plagued the African-American community for years, in this new year the concern still follows. The question for investing and doing business in the African-American community remains as a solution is needed.

In this last segment, we ask Sanders what we have to do moving forward into another year in the Trump administration. He lays out the need to fight for medical care for all and working against racism and sexism.



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3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: President Trump’s First Year In Office

  1. Did you also ask Bern how he felt about Hilary and the DNC’s collusion to destroy his campaign, or how he felt about black unemployment being at and all time low compared to the last administration how he felt about Trumps tax break for the corporations led to millions of brown and blue collar workers getting raises and bonuses and finally Mr. Bern you believe the Trump administration will go down as the worst in history (to use a phrase from Obama “at least the Trump admin. will go down in history”)

    • It’s going down alright, but not for the reasons u think. This country is nxt to last as far as being respected We’re only ahead of Russia by 3 pts. That says it all. Stop touting that fake news about the blk unemployment rate. It was cut in half by Obama from 16% to under 7% when he left office. The farce, racist in chief will never get credit for anything positive in the blk community. NEVER!!!!!

      • And the black community was flourishing under Obama? And unemployment among black youths 25 and under stayed in the double digits under Obama as well as the foodstamp and welfare rates and under trump thousands of WORKING blacks got tax relief CNN and Dem’s can’t even fix their mouths to dispute it but you go ahead and stay on the plantation

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