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Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have proven to be really effective for people who don’t have cars or perfer to get picked up and dropped off as opposed to driving.

But what about people with disabilities and health issues? They usually have to hire an expensive service to transport them or often times don’t have anyone that can take them to appointments or stores. What do they do?

Black News Business reports on international opera singer Ja’Nese Jean who has made a successful solution. This singer turned tech entrepreneur launched a ride service app specifically made for people with disabilities called Safetrip.

Jean was named the Next Big Opera Star in Aretha Franklin’s singing competition which afforded her a recording contract with Aretha records. However, Jean’s career swings more towards humanitarian efforts to help people in need of housing, food, and other things.

The Safetrip app is her most recent endeavor. The app looks to help the driver and the passenger. It provides jobs for drivers with a plus for those who are certified in defensive training, sensitivity training, and CPR.

The app serves a community of people with disabilities and health problems in a way that they’ve never been served before.

Some of the major things that it does are track patients in real time, it allows users to schedule rides in advance, in-app calling, a driver/user rating systems and much more.

Jean expressed that, “Safetrip is dedicated to moving healthcare transportation forward, faster and more affordably,”

She’s no stranger to the tech world as she’s had numerous products like apps, “proxy servers, mass email software, and patented heat and motion activated car sensors.”

You can find the app on the Apple and Google Play store. And for more information on the app and who Jean is, head over to



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