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If there’s one thing about The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s the fact that you can count on some real, shonuff drama coming from the show or as a result of something that went down on the show.

And it’s what happened after last night’s show that we are dealing with here. Kandi Burruss made a b-line to Twitter to check Kim Zolciak for lying about her (Kandi) wanting her “box.”

You might recall last season during “lesbiangate,” drama when Kim said to Sheree:

“I also know a lot about, you know, Kandi…I’m just saying the threesome part with the hubby. … the elevator’s not going to the top floor if you’re willing to share your man.”

Kim then claimed that Kandi had once propositioned her to perform oral sex on her.

“On my kid’s life if God strikes me dead, I wouldn’t let her,” Kim said. “I’m not saying that to be mean, I’m telling you the f*cking truth.”

Kandi was like, “whaaat?! Oh, hell no!”

Kim hit back, accusing Kandi and Todd of being full on swingers and “f**king all kinds of girls.”

Whoo lawd! The tea is too, too hot ta-day! But of course, since Kim is also beefin’ with NeNe Leakes, you just know she couldn’t stay out it. She put her two cents in. Our guess is she’s taking shot a shot at Kim Zolciak’s “I built this house” claim.

All we can say at this point is that somebody is lyin’! So what’s YOUR best guess? Which one … Kandi or Kim?!



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6 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Calls Kim Zolciak Out For Lying

  1. It’s the production team that keep having these women doing and saying this crazy stuff. Then when things get out of hand, they throw the ladies under the bus and run them over. Phaedra is the classic example!

  2. Shelby on said:

    Not saying Kandi don’t double dip or swing with Todd that is on them ! I am not a fan of that lifestyle but to each it’s own. But do I think with Kim HELL NO!

  3. Leslie on said:

    Lol, Kim Zolciak-Biermann is a habitual liar and a low-key racist who is using her fake relationships with Black folks to make a supplementary buck. She gets away with the type of trashiness that any Black woman would be dragged to hell and back for. 🙄 I read Kandi’s Tweet to Kim, and I also read what some are calling Kim’s “clapback” to Kandi, and the thing that stood out to me about Kim’s response is that not once…not ONE single time did she ever say: “You know it’s true”, or “Don’t you remember when ____” The only thing she did was to accuse Kandi and her husband of being “Swingers”, which is a far cry from what she initially accused Kandi of. That particular lifestyle definitely isn’t one that appeals to me, but hey, they’re grown right? So as long as what they are doing isn’t hurting anyone or breakng any laws, who cares what they do in their bedroom? Maybe Kim’s just angry because she HASN’T been propositioned! 😄

    • Chastity on said:

      @ Leslie. You said exactly what I was thinking. Kim is just trying to get her peach back and I hope they do not give it to her. First of all, she left the show when she thought her spin-off was going to be a hit. She and her husband were very rude to the camera person during that episode. She does not deserve to come back. Her husband is unemployed and she needs a check to support those 15 kids. No one wants to see her screwed up face every Sunday. More importantly, I too believe Kim is racist. She would not hang out with these women if it was not for the show.

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