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Well, we know how the saying goes. What goes around comes around! That’s exactly what happened to Donald Trump after his “s*** hole” comment of immigrants coming from El Salvador, Haiti, and African countries.

Blavity reports on an artist that stuck it to Trump using his creative abilities. Artist Robin Bell, the founder of Bells Visual, used a projecter to display the word s***hole on the front of Trump’s international hotel in Washington D.C.

The phrase, “This is a s***hole,” was spelled out all across the building’s front with pictures of the poop emoji to go with it.

Bell is known for doing lots of work of arts like this on Trump’s D.C. hotel. He’s projected the phrase, “emoluments welcome,” “pay Trump bribes here.” In a reaction to Jeff Sessions the artist projected, “#SessionsMustGo” and, “I thought the KKK was Ok until I learned that they smoked pot,” on the Department of Justice building.

Also no surprise that people were outraged about Trump’s comment about the countries. People taking to social media to express their anger via a commentary or even posting pictures from that country and explaining their proud relations to it.



(Source: Blavity )

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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6 thoughts on “Artist Uses Trump’s Words To Stick It To Him

  1. Oh yeah “nobody” artist gets attention with stunt like this I sure hope this doesn’t give white supremacist’s any ideas with any monuments

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