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Barack Obama may no longer be president, but for the 10th year in a row he’s still the “most admired man” in America, according to new survey data from Gallup.

The annual poll, taken every year but one since 1946, asks respondents to name their most admired man and woman, as well as their second choice.

Obama topped the competition with 17 percent of the vote. Donald Trump followed with 14 percent. After Trump was Pope Francis (3 percent) and the Rev. Billy Graham (2 percent), with several other political, spiritual and business leaders being named, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Dalai Lama.

Musk and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appeared on the list for the first time.

On the women’s side, Hillary Clinton was named the most admired for the 16th year in a row, with 9 percent of mentions. The former secretary of State and presidential candidate has been named most admired more than any other man or woman in polling history, according to Gallup, who notes that her 2017 polling numbers were the lowest in the past 15 years, making it unlikely for her to hold the top title for much longer.

Also on the list were former first lady Michelle Obama, with 7 percent, followed by Oprah Winfrey, with 4 percent. First lady Melania Trump, Queen Elizabeth II, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Beyoncé Knowles and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley all made the cut.

A quarter of respondents could not name a man or woman they admired most, according to Gallup, and about a tenth named a relative or friend.

Meanwhile, Trump is one of few incumbent presidents who have not been named the most admired among all Americans.

Last year, Obama topped the list with 22 percent, while Trump garnered 15 percent. The 2017 results fell along party lines, with 35 percent of Republicans naming Trump as their most admired, and only 1 percent naming Obama. Among Democrats, 39 percent named Obama, and 3 percent picked Trump. Independents picked Obama over Trump for their most admired by a 3-point margin.

The survey was conducted Dec. 4–11 among 1,049 adults and has a margin of sampling error of 4 percentage points.

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57 thoughts on “No Surprise! Barack Obama Voted America’s ‘Most Admired Man’

  1. Mac Daddy on said:

    History will, and is already showing after one year of Trump, that Obama will be remembered as the absolute worst, most ineffective President in history. But to those shackled on the Democratic Plantation, facts and data don’t matter, he will always be their half white Messiah

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      @mac daddy/Jhuf/Oma Tekoa (same person)
      How is President Obama worse than Bush who destroyed our financial institution & left the country in a recession & a trillion dollar deficit? That fact alone proves you’re a mf-ing liar! Sorry but you can’t make trump a winner or erase the Russian scandal & the fact that the trump family is going to prison by lying on President Obama dumbass…Lol! The only real plantation would be any black person listening to your stupid, racist lying ass. That half white messiah is 10x smarter than that FAILING POS criminal lunatic that you fools elected.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    OK tell that to the loved ones of the hundreds killed so far
    You tell that to all the victims
    families of white Mass shooters & the 63,000 Opioid addicts who overdose every year 90% who are white (the new white on white crime) an issue your lying ass POS president vowed to fight & hasn’t done a damn thing to address it because he cares nothing about you stupid ass bottom whites who voted for him.

  3. These racists people come out with guns blazing every time they see the word Obama they have a sick obsession. You never hear from them except to try to convince themselves I guess that everything is perfect and they are going to live in paradise for the next 4 years . Insane.

    • Exactly! Those same ppl will still living in those same raggedy funky trailers 3 yrs from now!! Donald Trump has no use for them other than their votes. INSANITY!!!!

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    You’re right b**ch nobody’s listening to you, and because you can’t convince black people that racist ass Republikkkans who are destroying the country are better for black people that we’re ill-informed, that this shi**t tax bill that will over time raise the deficit and hurt the working class and small businesses is somehow better, rebpublikkkans are the answer to black people problems they’ll help black people and get us to the promise land and if you’re black and don’t get on the trump train than you’re on the Democratic plantation. You sound like a god d**n fool! George Bush DESTROYED our economy and put this country in a recession by trying to help the rich and allowing mortgage companies to operate with little to no regulations, the same s**t trump is trying to do and think that’s better because you want him to WIN because he’s WHITE and you’re a god d**n racist NO OTHER REASON! You’re MAD because a black man became president and governed successfully for 8 years and stabilized our economy and proved racist wrong. And you watch Fox news and come on a black websites and parrot all the lies that they feed you, “Obama DOUBLED our debt” bulls**t lies that can be easily dispelled but that’s how stupid you are. Posting your dumb ass videos that don’t prove s**t.
    The problem is you think black people are stupid and you can pretend to be black and push your lunatic conservative talking points on us and we’ll sheeplessly follow you off the cliff with trump. No real black person (except black coons) are simple minded enough to believe that trump is better than President Obama. President Obama defied the myth of white of supremacy and delivered a blow to the white man’s God complex and in exchange white AmeriKKKa elected this damn fool. 45 is a failure whether you can except it or not, his cabinet is on the verge of collapse and Mueller will eventually take trump down, he’ll be finished before 2018 is over. So you can keep lying on Obama, Hillary and denying the Russian scandal because lying don’t change facts…And for the record we are very informed here that’s why we don’t listen to you.

    • Yep that’s right don’t listen to me or anyone with differing opinions, stay your broke uneducated ill-informed black asses on that democratic plantation doing your massa’s bidding taking your massa’s handouts living in his crime and poverty infested housing and he’ll be back in 4 years to tell you how good your lives are, sounds like you’ve already benefited from the failing schools he’ll send your children from a single parent to

  5. In other news seems even CBS can no longer back the Democrats tax breaks for the rich off the backs of the poor bullsh!t, even the Democrat dependent field negros may have to move off the plantation

    • It is a tax cut for the rich, bytch. I don’t give a damn what some random accountant said. I may see a measly 20/ wk. in my check. I will be be able to buy a lot more of food and gas. Gtfooh!!!

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        He post these stupid ass videos with a one sided argument as if it proves something just shows how easily he can be mislead to believe anything.

    • So u found 3 ppl who have been hoodwinked. Their are a lot more who aren’t buying this shit. What about ppl w/o kids. What about single ppl? They lose. Single ppl are not getting a tax brk. Single ppl taxes will rise immediately.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    @ Oma Tekoa
    Under Obamacare, my grandmother, an indefatigable Obama fan previously, started to pay more for her medication
    So what was your dear sweet grandmother going to do when trump took away her health care all together under his shi**y healthcare bill? Better pay more “as you claim” than have no health care at all under trump.

    Obama added trillions of dollars to the Nation’s debt
    What TRILLIONS did Obama add to our nation’s debt? That’s a complete lie Republikkkan talking point and the numbers don’t even support that lie. How could have added trillions to our debt when we were already drowning under Bush? How could have added trillions leaving office with a thriving economy, millions of jobs added, saved the auto industry and gas under $3, that s**t don’t even add up.
    Trump has barely been in office for 11 months and what have we seen? The Dow Jones is turning out record numbers. The number of new jobs is up and security and immigration are being responsibly dealt with to ensure jihadists do not have a free passage to destroy our country
    Again doing what racist do giving trump credit for Obama’s success with republikkan talking points. The boarders were ALREADY secure with lowest illegal immigration crossing during Obama’s presidency that has nothing do with trump! Jobs being added the DOW Nothing to do with trump. And in terms of terrorist attacks what about the protester in Charlottesville killed by racist, and the 3 mass shootings Las vegas, Texas and California all back to back, Akayed Ullah pipe bomb in New York 2 weeks ago, Sayfullo Saipov killed 8 with is pick-up truck in October. So that a lie too.

    Obama(the con from Chicago) who really have done nothing to advance our community
    What are the black people doing in Chicago doing to advanced their own agenda besides waiting on Obama, blaming Obama for Chicago because he’s black just dumb and racist, can we blame trump for the terrorist attacks in New York because he’s from New York. When President Obama started the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance the racist complained “Oh he’s just helping black people get ahead” they called him racist for trying to help the black community, when he spoke out about Treyvon Martin again the racist attacked him called him racist for telling the truth racism and racial profiling. So he’s damned if he do. Better yet what the f**k is trump going to do to help the violence in Chicago? He is the president of everyone right? Will you put the burden on him for black violence? Of course not.

    I am able to expand and recruit more staff, black folks included. What makes you think it is all bad on the tax?
    Yeah right GTFOH! You sound like a typical racist making some kind of political pitch for trump, tying to normalize the bulls**t he’s doing by trying to convince us that he’s somehow better for blacks than President Obama, trump’s tax plan will HURT small businesses the most, so I’m not falling for it! Lying about his success and achievements in just 11 months. trump hasn’t done shit, except try and erase President Obama’s legacy by cutting regulations, after school program, meal on wheels for seniors, destroying healthcare and now destroying the working class by raising taxes trying to undo anything Obama has done just to score a win even if it’s bad for the country.

    Sorry but can’t fool WOKE black people!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      And for the record gun violence is down in Chicago for the 9th straight month in a row, but like I said racist love exaggerating black on black crime statistics & NEVER report stats when they go down or improve.

    • Oma Tekoa on said:

      We would never agree and I am shaken by your breathtaking endorsement of Obama. Hmmmnnn, it is going to be impossible to convince you on anything. So you were not aware that the illegal crossing of our borders were at a peck under Obama? And that the rise in the Dow Jones was due to the recent policies of DJT and certainly not Obama’s ? Oh, yes, my grandmother was paying less for her medication before Obama and his stupid Obacare. I do not expect you to understand these things in an objective manner especially when you call some of my comments racist – ha ha ha, and I am a black man. Obama’s so-called economic policies did nothing for black businesses let’s face it and stop the buffoonery. Obama failed. He has no real legacy worth remembering and I am with Farakhan on this one, Obama has not earned the respect of the black community for his eight wasted years.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        @ mac daday
        And Your just another racist or same racist posting under a different name same shit. You can go have a seat next to Oma Tekoa.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Oma Tekoa, the best part of your comment was the fact that you articulate yourself well. We fell for the banana in the tailpipe over and over again by blacks who told us to trust the white man. Hmm the native Americans trusted them also, look where that got them. Look across the globe and down throughout history and see how white men have destroyed civilizations because of greed and power. Anyone with the ability to read and comprehend English knows the history of our people and white devils. So that long drawn out speech you gave, doesn’t change anyone’s views of the current administration (love it or hate it) or how they feel about Obama.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Thank you! What woke, sane black person actually believes that this fool is good for black people. If Obama is bad how in the hell is trump supposed to be better? The mere logic of that makes no damn sense it doesn’t even add up in comparison. Obama didn’t leave this country any where close to the disaster that George Bush left us in and put us in a recession but he’s trying to convince me that Obama left us with TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, a damn 5th grader can tell you that’s a lie…….GTFOH!

  8. Passing Through!! on said:

    @Oma Tekoa
    Would you have been better off under another Republikkkan like Bush who destroyed our economy, mortgage financial system, lied about weapons of mass destruction and took us to war on a lie and left our country with a trillion dollar deficit, and did nothing while people died in Hurricane Katrina? Or how about trump who’s doing such of great job of trying to destroy healthcare and leave 30 million people with no health coverage many which will be the elderly and children, and giving billionaires and millionaires tax cuts and raising taxes on the working class, is that better off? President Obama inherited a complete mess and he had to work with racist in the senate and congress who repeatedly tried to make him fail. He may not have done everything we wanted but he did a good job considering, and YES this country is much better off with a stable economy, universal health care and gas under $3.
    If black people want true change it really starts at the local level, like what happened in the Alabama Senate race. We can’t just come out and vote when there’s a presidential election and fail to take part in our own local elections. Change starts from the bottom up not from the president down. Half of the negros complaining about what Obama didn’t do, probably don’t even know who their state governor or senator is. Doug Jones won in Alabama by 20,0000 votes only 30% of black people showed up at the polls. Although that was a victory those polling numbers should have been doubled considering the s**t that’s in the white house right now! Or at least been at 50%. This is how those racist took control of the House and Senate, we came out and voted for the president and nobody showed up for the mid-terms and then you bi**h when President Obama can’t fulfill all of your expectations.

    • Oma Tekoa on said:

      I am thankful for your well articulated response albeit tainted with racial hatred for DTJ, which is the pathetic side of our folk. The truth is that Obama added trillions of dollars to the Nation’s debt more than any other president in his and his economic policies did nothing to empower black businesses. Even on the health care front, the somewhat socialist policies introduced are unsustainable and would require a huge amount of tax payers dollars to keep it going. Perhaps he never understood this because he never operated a business enterprise. Under Obamacare, my grandmother, an indefatigable Obama fan previously, started to pay more for her medication. If we detach ourselves from the fog of racial prejudice, and I ask that you do this rapidly, we would see that Obama was simply a fraud perpetrated on the black community, we were never going to be better off but he led us to think he would bring “change” and that silly “Yes, we can” worthless talk. It is mentally recklessness to say or suggest that the racist white folks prevented him from carrying out his agenda for our community. That is a very lazy and pathetic excuse for failure. He was a failure – period. The problem with intellectual liberals like Obama is that they talk sweet, they say the right things but in the end they leave you with nothing and NOTHING, is what our community has after those 8 wasted years. On the issue of the criminal justice, how come of all the black folks who were killed by cops under Obama’s watch, not even one indictment mas made even when there was clearly probable cause for an indictment, was it the white racist that stopped Obama and his black Attorney General from doing the right thing also? Shameless Obama! And what about our folks in Chicago who have been slaughtering themselves in Obama’s backyard, how did his 8 wasted years help that City with its terrible economic depression?

      Trump has barely been in office for 11 months and what have we seen? The Dow Jones is turning out record numbers. The number of new jobs is up and security and immigration are being responsibly dealt with to ensure jihadists do not have a free passage to destroy our country. There is a better sense of security now and that accounts for near zero terrorist attacks unlike under Obama. The tax cut would naturally have its downsides but the truth is that it would help American corporations tremendously and many are now taking the right path of returning back to the US instead of remaining in Mexico e.t.c., where years of mad liberal policies had driven them. My own business would be making substantial gains as such I am able to expand and recruit more staff, black folks included. What makes you think it is all bad on the tax?

      In closing, it is sheer madness to see everything from a racial stand point – it is indeed a mild form of insanity. It is best for our community to always look for the best opportunities in any government particularly in DTJ’s. We would gain nothing from misleading our community to continue to hate of Trump and celebrate charlatans like Obama(the con from Chicago) who really have done nothing to advance our community. Life is more than race and we have to understand that and fight for the betterment of our community, even Farákhan said Obama has not earned the respect of our community looking at what he failed to do in 8 years. What more do you want? Blood?

  9. Oma Tekoa on said:

    Considering that our community did not make any great gains in the 8 years Obama was in office and most of us who voted for him had hoped for much better, I really wonder what it is about Obama that calls for admiration. The poll only considered the views of under 2,000 respondents so it could never be a true reflection of what it purports to establish. All this love for all things Obama, the real question is are we better off as a community after 8 years of Obama or not? That is what we must honestly ask ourselves. For me, I do not think we are any better after those precious wasted 8 years and this is the reason for my disdain for Obama and his “praise singers”. What a shame!

  10. @jhuf—fox noise is the confederate news channel. They ignore every asinine thing their fake prez does or says. It’s sickening. They can’t see the forest from the trees. Donald thrump is a Buffon of the worse kind. Instead of spending 1/3 of his presidency on the golf HIS golf courses, he need to be in the gym working on his oversized waistline. Despicable!!

      • And you’re dumbass will be paying for that tax bill in a few yrs when your taxes increase. I’m sure you’re not in the upper middle class of ppl who won’t see there taxes increase

      • That’s all the BIG DUMMY knows how to do, golf. I’m sick of hearing about his lazy ass golfing. If he’s not golfing his watching tv. SAD!!!!!!!!!!

  11. HATERS tend to have their HEADS UP THEIR ASSHOLES which is why they can’t see.
    I don’t know what FAKE NEWS or other media you are watching but all POLLS show
    Chump’s approval numbers in the hole. HE IS THE LOWEST RANKING PRESIDENT
    SO FAR!!!!!!!!!

    Barack ain’t been gone but a year and he is STILL AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. blacknote on said:

    Black men do not be deceived. The very qualities this society claims to find admirable will likely be the same qualities it will resent once you use them to confront its evil ways. Stay focused, have integrity, and be of good service to those in need of help. Let the superficial acknowledgments of self-serving people fall by the wayside.

  13. Passing Through!! on said:

    And your only reference to what’s factual comes from Mis-LeadNBC or the Counterfeit News Network so you must really know what the f%ck your talking about right, go eat a popsicle snowflake
    Just like that bulls**t you get from Fox-false News or the Confederate News Network while trump cabinet is on the verge of collapse & Fake Fox & Friends are in a panic trying to turn the public against Mueller…Failing..So keep sugar coating that s**t you’re eating.

    • Humm ABC suspended Brian Ross for causing Joyless Bahar to look like a red headed jackass uh sorry for falsely reporting about Flynn testifying against Trump
      2 weeks ago CNN looked like fools when they scooped that Trump’s team had secret Russian e-mails about Hilary turns out everyone but Trump knew about them (it was public information) they spent all day trying to clean that cluster f@ck up while FOX news spent all day laughing at them, me too BTW

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        Fox news is far from laughing right now, they’re in a complete panic a damn near melt down trying to stop Mueller’s investigation because Mike Flynn has been indicted and trumps bank records have been subpoenaed, telling the lie that Mueller is against trump he’s working for Democrats when he’s a Republikkkan, lying about Hillary and the Uranium One deal when that case has already been CLOSED. Fox is nowhere near winning or on the side of truth. And just wait until Jared and trump jr are indicated then what lie will they tell.

  14. And Trump was just 3 points behind guess all those “fake news” polls showing his low/no approval are just that fake, interesting enough Michelle was beat out by Hilary

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Yea it’s all fake news, trumps shi**y approval ratings are fake, Russia scandal is fake, Mueller is a secretly helping the Democrats he’s a fake Republikkkan, Roy Moore losing in Alabama is a fraud and a fake too right?….GTFOH!

      • And your only reference to what’s factual comes from Mis-LeadNBC or the Counterfeit News Network so you must really know what the f%ck your talking about right, go eat a popsicle snowflake

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