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The incarceration of Black men and woman in America continues to increase every day. With the price of bail being expensive it makes it hard for families to bail loved ones out.

Even worse, often times the family member in jail could be the main provider for their family or the leader.

However, one man has developed an app that can help bail Black men and women out jail by taking donations.

Black reports, Kortney Ziegler created the app called Appolition that allows anyone to give spare change from things you buy every day. The money helps men and women in jail who are charged with misdemeanors and are waiting for trial.

The app specifically caters to those incarcerated in California because Ziegler, a native, realized that the cost of bail in California is about $2,500 which is very expensive when you look at other states that hold bail at about $300.

Because bail cost this much in California, Ziegler says it leaves a lot of people in jail unable to pay.

The app gets connected with a credit or debit card and with each purchase that has 50 cents in spare change it gets rounded up to a dollar and sent to the bail fund.

The idea came to Ziegler in the summer of 2017 where he had the app running four months later. He tested the app by being the first customer.

“Although bail relief via an app isn’t the perfect solution to true abolishment of the prison industrial complex,” commented Ziegler. “Being able to provide a tiny dent in the system along the way is always important.”

To find out more about the app and to get connected to it, head over to


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4 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Launches App That Bails Incarcerated Black People

  1. Tim Green on said:

    Does this provide bail to idiots that repeatedly make dumb decisions & need to be sitting in jail to hopefully smarten up, or genuine victims caught up in the “policing for profit system” … because if this app is just dispersing money indiscriminately im not a fan

  2. PRISONs are Amerykah’s latest PLANTATION.

    Which is why people of color are being SWIFTLY sent to jails.
    Prisons in this country are now a BIG BUSINESS-making mucho $$$$
    off the backs of others.

    While this is a brilliant idea, this man thought of, however, I can see obstacles
    being placed in the way of the app truly succeeding.

    G D Amerykah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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