Sisqo, Nokio, Jazz and Tao sound familiar? It’s the members of the hit R&B group Dru Hill! They’ve got a new Christmas album called Christmas In Baltimore that will put you in the best way.

“Basically, we had some momentum that started last year from the Soul Train Awards,” explained Nokio. “We didn’t want another year to go past without giving the fans something.”

They have a song called This Christmas that’s actually an original by the group that sets them apart from other Christmas albums.

“The This Christmas that we did is an original song done by Troy Taylor who basically produced the whole album,” said Nokio. “But this one is a totally original song, The Silent Night song is a cover of The Temptations.”

Fans were concerned for the group because they believed they broke up, but Sisqo put those rumors to bed.

“We never really broke up. We’ve been pretty much working together ever since we came out,” explained Sisqo. “The confusion came when Woody left the group, one of the original members.”

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