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One of the greatest rappers to ever hit the game of rap, Tupac Shakar, was taken early due to senseless gun violence in the Black community.

Famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump has come to A&E with a multipart series Who Killed Tupac? to investigate and find out who killed Tupac.

“You tune in tonight you will get new evidence put forward that support the person who killed Tupac that you’ve never had before,” explained Crump.

Besides finding out who killed Tupac, Crump is, “trying to educate people on due process on the law.”

In order to get the information he needed for the investigation, Crump had to talk with members of the Bloods and the Crips.

“You know Skip it was really fascinating man I think a lot of times there’s so such a mistrust in the Black community of law enforcement, ” explained Crump. “The 1st thing they would say is, ‘Crump we appreciate the work you do for our people.’

Catch the finale of Who Killed Tupac? at 10 pm on A&E!

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