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Alize Presents Beyonce's Birthday Party

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Does she wear a weave, or it all hers, or both?

This is the question everyone is asking right now about Beyoncé! Apparently, her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson recently posted a pic on Instagram showing off her daughter’s long locks in a low ponytail, claiming all this growth was au natural.

“INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back !! She is going to get me 😩,” the proud mama wrote in a caption.


Now clearly, this sparked a serious debate. Take a look at some of the comments:

  • reneedeniseaustin: Yes black people can grow long hair, but that pony doesn’t look real. Celebs lie all the time. Yes Beyoncé like all other women is gorgeous and beautiful in their on way. Women rock, period.
  • maduako4u: You guys should get the joke, all is not her hair,I guess she is throwing a joke as usual but she definitely have a good hair.
  • beyslayhive: If you have Beyonce money you have the best stylists, products, food, etc.. so of course it’s possible to grow your hair like that.. I mean.. Beyonce is BEYONCE most beautiful in the world #facts 🙌🏽😭😍💅🏽 #billiondollarbaby
  • crissycutie: She gotta turn around for me to be convinced. No shade no shade no shade..
  • 1_gotti@ogbumpyknucks2: she says in the formation song that she is creole and negro. Mixed race. 😘
  • im4u2adore: Whether all of Beyonce hair is her own is no one business! Some folks can be so small minded who cares? I dont! I would love to be able afford some of the wigs she wear. I don’t give,a damn if folks wonder how long my hair is! Being beautiful line Beyonce comes with a lot of shade throwing…

Shortly after, Queen Bey herself posted some pics of her hair as well:


This isn’t the first time there has been a debate about Bey’s hair.

Recently, her hairdresser Neal Farinah said that the style she rocked at the Sports Illustrated Awards was all her natural hair. He captioned an Instagram post: “THIS IS HOW U SLAY YOUR NATURAL CURLY HAIR.”


Listen…yes we know that Beyonce has worn wigs and weaves before, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that all of this could be hers. And if it is, Ms. Tina please let us know what products and supplements she’s using!

We want it STAT!

Do you believe that this all Beyonce’s hair?

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6 thoughts on “Beyoncè Has Internet Abuzz With Natural Hair Debate

  1. And what is the big deal in what Ms. Tina is saying? People will find anything to bicker about. When my hair broke off from going into a heating room without cap (I sat there for an hour) and my hair dried out and broke off, I wore ponytails and half wigs until it grew back. My natural hair I back long but I still wear my weave pieces for the color because I do not wan the dye in my hair.

  2. Too much ado about nothing that’s any of our business. A lot of factors play in how fast hair grows – just wish it were me, but whatever she does or does not do with her hair regime is none of any body’s business. Rock what you have (or what you’ve paid good money for)

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Whoo thank God we got this most pressing issue out of the way. Lord knows we don’t have any other more important s**t to deal with in our f–ked up country. Good thing we don’t have a sexual predator, U.S. traitor whose sucking Putin’s man parts in the wh and running our country like he’s a g.d. celebrity-in-chief. Thank goodness he’s not grabbing women by the p******s and kissing them without their permission. I’m glad he’s not a lying bastard who is using the secret service, the WH and tax payer dollars like he won the f**kin’ lottery. It’s not like 90% of the population is paying approx. 100% of the government’s bills while, white billionaires, big businesses and corporations continue to f**k over the American people by not paying their fair. Thank God we don’t have those kinds of issues just and long as people think Beyonka’s hair is real or not, we can all sleep in peace at night. GTFOH!!!

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