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We know R&B and jazz singer Lalah Hathaway for her song Heaven Knows, Baby Don’t Cry and Night and Day. She’s back with a new single called I Can’t Wait off her new album Honestly. 

“New album is called Honestly. It’s interesting for me, it’s a bit of a little sort of pattern interruption for people,” explained Hathaway. “But it really kind of takes me back to my first records. You know where I had the Keith Crouchers and the Chuckie Bookers. So I’m excited.”

Different from the music she usually does, Hathaway explains what it is to her. “For me, it’s the same continuum of what I’ve been doing my whole life, it’s just a little different colors. This is just a little bit more rhythmic, a little bit more colorful and just a different side of me is all.”

Sybil had to tell Hathaway how much she loved her music video for the single Honestly.

“The video kind of gives you a different insight into the song and into the record…it’s really about the disillusion of the dream of what it is to have the American dream. That’s really what the record is about.”

Lalah Hathaway’s new music is out so grab a copy!

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