Former NBA Star Chris Bosh’s Mother Responds To Trap House Allegation


UPDATE: 12/11/17 10:48 p.m.

Freida Bosh says she’s no drug dealer.

A Texas house owned by NBA player Chris Bosh – and which his mother lives in – is the subject of a drug trafficking raid by authorities. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that his mom is also a suspect.

Needless to say, it’s not a good look for Chris. Of course his moms, Freida Bosh, is claiming that she knows nothing about any illegal activities taking part in the house she lives in. She also says her relationship with her son isn’t good. Hmm, we wonder why?

Here’s more from TMZ who spoke to Mrs. Bosh and her son, Joel, about the raid on the DeSoto, TX home where police found evidence of a drug trafficking operation:

Freida says she built the home with Chris roughly 12 years ago — but since then, their relationship has deteriorated and he’s been trying to evict her. Freida says the two haven’t spoken in 5 years.

To combat the eviction, Freida says she’s had to hire lawyers — and has been forced to rent out the home to various tenants to cover the pricey legal bills. Freida says the person who brought trouble to the home is a former short-term tenant — and she had NOTHING to do with his alleged illegal activity. Cops believe crack cocaine and heroin were being trafficked out of the home but no arrests have been made yet.

By the way, Joel Bosh says he’s been trying to help his mom work things out with Chris — but his priority is helping her clear her name in the drug trafficking case because he believes she’s 100% innocent. Despite the family drama, both Freida and Joel say they love Chris and hope they can reconcile soon.

See what Freida and Joel have to say below:

Freida Bosh is listed as a suspect in an alleged crack cocaine and heroin trafficking operation based out of the home in DeSoto, Texas.

Check this out. Authorities did a covert sting operation to obtain evidence which included sending an undercover officer to the home on Tuesday to snatch and grab trash bags that had been left outside of the home.

Here’s more from TMZ:

Officials say investigators sifted through the trash and found tons of evidence — including baggies with cocaine residue, weed paraphernalia, burned joints and mail with Freida’s name on it.

As for the drug trafficking den — cops say the home was guarded by a large iron fence and outfitted with security cameras … “a common tactic for drug traffickers” for obvious reasons.

Cops say one of the suspects has a rap sheet that includes violent crime — including an incident where he was arrested for allegedly shooting a guy in the face during a drug deal.

One law enforcement source tells TMZ Sports … Chris is not suspected of any wrongdoing and his only real connection is the fact he owns the property.

So you have to wonder just how did Chris Bosh’s mama get involved in this mess?

Meanwhile, as of now, no arrests have been made, but stay tuned.

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