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UPDATE: The ex-Cop charged with second-degree murder in the death of Michael Slager, an unarmed Black man, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A white former South Carolina police officer committed second-degree murder when he shot an unarmed black motorist to death and should expect to spend about two decades in prison, a judge said Thursday as he prepared to sentence the ex-officer for a federal civil rights violation.

Before U.S. District Judge David Norton announced the punishment, he had to decide whether Michael Slager’s shooting of Walter Scott in April 2015 was manslaughter or murder. After the judge’s decision, he said he’d work from guidelines that recommend Slager spend 19 to 24 years in prison.

A formal sentence was expected later Thursday, after the judge hears testimony from Scott’s family and friends. Scott’s mother, Judy Scott, said through tears that her faith in God gives her the ability to forgive Slager. Scott’s brother Anthony Scott echoed that sentiment.

“I’m not angry at you, Michael. Michael, I forgive you, and Michael, I do pray for you now and for your family, because we’ve gone through a traumatic time,” he said.

Attorneys for ex-North Charleston Officer Michael Slager said he shot 50-year-old Walter Scott in self-defense after the two fought and Scott reached for Slager’s stun gun. They said race didn’t play any role in the shooting and that Slager never had any “racial animus” toward minorities.

Still, Slager pleaded guilty in federal court to violating Scott’s civil rights. As part of the plea agreement reached in May, prosecutors dropped state murder charges. A year ago, a state judge declared a mistrial when jurors deadlocked.

A bystander captured the shooting on a cellphone, and it was shared around the world, setting off Black Lives Matter protests across the U.S. as demonstrators said it was the perfect example of police officers’ mistreatment of African-Americans.

The bystander started recording after the struggle between Slager and Scott. The video showed Scott running away from Slager and the officer firing eight times. Scott was hit in the back five times.

After the shooting, Slager picked up his stun gun and placed it next to Scott. Slager contends he was securing the weapon. Prosecutors think he put it there to bolster his self-defense story.

The judge also found that Slager, 36, obstructed justice when he made statements to state police after the shooting.

On Wednesday, Scott’s youngest son spoke so he could return to his high school classes. Clutching a photograph of his father, Miles Scott said he has had trouble sleeping ever since his father’s death. He said he misses watching football games with his dad and can’t fathom not being able to watch with him the game they both loved.

“I miss my father every day,” Miles Scott said through tears. “I would like you to sentence the defendant to the strongest sentence the laws allows because he murdered my one and only father.”

Federal officials recommended 10 to nearly 13 years in prison. His attorneys argue Slager should face far less time.

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(Grace Beahm/Post and Courier via AP, Pool, File & AP Photo/Mic Smith, File)

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16 thoughts on “White Ex-Cop Gets 20 Years For Murder Of Unarmed Black Man

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    Wow you sure did set us straight and put us back in our place…LOL! I think I’ll go back to my mud hut with no running water….LOL!

  2. 75 percent of the worlds aids carries. More slavery this very day in africa than in the entire history of the United States. Large parts of africa still without running water and living in mud huts. one third of subsaharan blacks are inbred. 100 percent true facts

  3. Racist black devils 13 percent of the US population yet over 60 percent of violent crimes. Go look at any black country it is a s-hithole. There are no successful black countries. Blacks are disliked all over the world. As a white man I can go to Asia and get respect. black are immediately looked at as scum and destroy any city they infest!

  4. americanize on said:

    Seams to me like the judge is trying to find something in the law,that would give this race soldier the lest sentence.And to my black brothers an sisters,please get of this forgiveness shit,thats why white devils disrespect us everyday.Do you ever hear white devils apologize for killing black men,women,an children.Nope they say I,m just doing my job,and that’s enforcing white supremacy,which is racism.

    • you black devils seem to be doing a fine job of killing yourselves! 12 percent of the population yet over 60 percent violent crimes. The numbers don’t lie blackboy, but nation of islam members like you do~

      • And the white race is no better off killing yourself with Opioid addiction the new white on white crime epidemic, at a rate of 60,000 per year. Oh! & don’t forget to factor in your 3 white mass shooters.

      • americanize on said:

        mynukie you fu*kin cave dwelling,neanderthal,struggle genes,animal fu*kin,having sex with ur sister,ur mother,and probaley letting ur day poke you in the azz.Don,t come for me boy I,ll hurt ur feelings.Now go back to ur basement.

    • At least it now looks like justice prevails in SC more than in NY,MO,or MD.I didn’t think he’d be convicted so 20 years is a whole lot better than another mistrial,or worse an acquittal.Where that pig’s going not only will he find out what it’s like to be in the minority,he’ll find out the HARD way and may not survive 20 years.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    This is just really sad, sad, sad. How did we even get here? Slater hasn’t admitted to murder of which he is plainly guilty, he planted the tazer to justify his defense and had it not been for the recording he was have clearly, no doubt in my mind, gotten away with it. His bad actions that day caused a whole lot of sadness and grief for not only the Scott family but his as well. Unfortunately, the Scotts won’t ever get to talk to or share memories with their family member again, but the Slaters will.

  6. Slager deserves to receive a LIFE sentence–not a mere twenty years.
    This POS PIG intentionally SHOT/KILLED an UN-ARMED INNOCENT MAN-Mr. Scott.
    Mr. Scott was SHOT IN THE BACK-that is not a self-defense wound-IT IS THE SHOT

    I hope that Slager is placed in general population once he goes to PRISON-and that
    the brotha’s know what CRIME HE COMMITTED.

    Maybe they will serve up some good ole street justice-RUN A TRAIN ON SLAGER UNTIL HIS
    RECTUM IS WRECKED and he must go to the hospital for stitching up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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