Miss Robbie From ‘Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s’ Can Sing!


Miss. Robbie from Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s is the ultimate business woman. She has her show, cookware line, cookbook and now a Christmas song. Her new song It’s Christmas Time Again is her step back into the music industry.

Before getting to all of that Sybil had to ask what was wrong with her son? Sybil’s referring to her son’s actions in their show.

“You know what? I don’t know what is wrong with this boy. But this season we’ve got a family fight going on,” explained Miss.Robbie. “The old against the young. Yeah, so he’s convinced the young that he’s right and the old know I’m right.”

But she laid it down saying, “He thinks he’s entitled. That’s all. And I’m here to show him I’m your mother but I’m also a business person and I can’t let you disrespect me either as a business person or as your mother.”

Getting back to the music, Miss. Robbie is excited to get back to creating music. “I’m trying to reinvent myself again. I’m back in the studio. You know when I was out there I was always trying to keep a job so I always backgrounded everybody,” explained Miss. Robbie.  “But I write and produce so I can do all this. So now I got the opportunity to do it again   I’m just stepping out on faith doing it again like I did in the restaurant and hope that it works out…”

Find her new song It’s Christmas Time Again on Spotify and iTunes.

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One thought on “Miss Robbie From ‘Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s’ Can Sing!

  1. Yes, Ms. Robbie can still carry a tune!!!!!
    As for her son, Tim-I agree with Ms. Robbie filing a lawsuit against him.
    Tim was getting WAY TOO BIG FOR HIS BRITCHES.

    Apparently, he FORGOT that his Mom is the one who started the restaurant business
    known as “Sweetie Pies.”

    Tim had NO RIGHT to open up franchises WITHOUT HIS MOTHER’s PERMISSION.

    Like Wesley Snipes said in New Jack City, “it ain’t personal, IT IS BUSINESS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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