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Coming home to family and friends is always a nice thing. It puts you in a good place knowing you’re around your favorite people and that you have a bit of time to catch up. Well, comedian Arsenio Hall is back home and he loves it!

“I couldn’t think of a better name for me than the prodigal son. I am home Y’all,” laughed Hall. Still doing the comedy life, Hall catches us up on the latest in his life.

“I’m feeling like a mommy right now because I’m getting ready to go to Bloomington to work the Comedy Attic. And it’s right adjacent to IU (Indiana University) where my son is at college,” explained Hall.

But what’s really been getting him down some days is his son not being home. “It’s rough. But you know what, here’s the problem. Empty nest syndrome is really the problem. He’s adjusting fine, I’m not doing well,” said Arsenio. “You know what I realized that for the last 18 years all I’d done was made sure he was alright. But you know what thank God for stand-up because stand up is keeping me busy…”

Even though his son is away, Hall still has comedy to run to. If you’re in Bloomington, Indiana, then catch him at the Comedy Attic December 1 and 2! Get tickets here!

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