Rev. Al Sharpton: Probation Reform In America


Rapper Meek Mill was recently thrown into prison for two to four years after violating his probation. Outcries from fans and activist have called for his release saying the punishment was harsh.

Rev. Al Sharpton went to Pennslyvania to visit and talk with Mill and now shares his conversation with us.

“I think that with the case of Meek Mill does is raise the larger question of how the criminal justice system is set up where any infracture can put people in jail for being late to a probation hearing,” explained Sharpton. “Any minor infraction puts them in jail for years, breaking up families and stopping them from reforming.”

Rev. Al was adamant when he explained, “If people are criminals they ought to pay for the crime but if people make a mistake we ought to not feed the prison industrial complex with doing what is unnecessary.”

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One thought on “Rev. Al Sharpton: Probation Reform In America

  1. Prisons are the 21st Century PLANTATIONS.

    There is nothing wrong with the Parole system-how about the BOGUS BAILS being collected
    across this country?????

    If a municipal judge grants you PAROLE-then keep your nose clean.
    Do not continue to get into TROUBLE and BREAK the LAW–i.e. Meeky Mill.
    Violation of the Parole will certainly land you back in the jail cell.

    If you are driving through a small town and stopped by the cops, you can be sure that
    if you are a person of COLOR you may be arrested on some BS charge. Then when you
    go before the local judge, his ass imposes a cash Bail amt that you CANNOT AFFORD to pay.
    ARE FORCED TO PAY!!!!!!!!!

    This is how Amerykah is getting RICH off our BLACK ASSES.

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