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Jhene Aiko x Pac Sun x Neff Headwear Soul Of Summer Collection Launch

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It’s #NoShaveNovember for everyone except Lance Gross.

The actor revealed his freshly shaven face on Instagram, letting fans know he was prepping for an upcoming role:

Members of #BeardGangGangGang swiftly took to Twitter to discuss his clean look, and they didn’t seem too thrilled about his baby face:


Lance took to Twitter to defend his smooth look, daring women to show themselves without ‘inhancements.’

The typo led to more Black Twitter carnage:


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7 thoughts on “Lance Gross Shaves Beard; Twitter Reacts

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Here’s the thing tho, he posted his pic for a “reaction”, he didn’t get the ones he was expecting. What do you expect to get when EVERYONE and has an opinion to share, good or bad? He gets what he gets. He should stop looking for validation from people he neither knows nor cares about or vise versa, they don’t know or care about him.

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    Exactly, S.D. What I find funny, though is that people are coming after him about his spelling, however, first, no one had a problem understanding what he meant. Secondly, these same people noticed the misspelling but didn’t notice their own bad grammar. AND, as you noted, no one addressed the context of what he said!!

  3. Ernestine Morrison on said:

    Come on Lance.A Morehouse man
    Incorrectly spelling on social
    media.What would your fraternity
    brothers say?? Hey Spike what you think?

  4. Your people love you and want you to look and be your best. Take it love. The time to worry is when you change and no one say nothing.

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