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It’s come to this: A racist supporter of President Donald Trump threatened to murder  U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters.

For months, many Black Americans have talked openly about how Trump’s racially incendiary rhetoric incites his bigoted supporters to violence but conservatives always dismiss the notions as left-wing quackery.

But  Anthony Scott Lloyd, 44, from San Pedro, California, was indicted last week and charged with threatening to kill Waters in a voicemail left at her Washington, D.C., office. Lloyd was arrested Nov. 9 and remains free on $20,000 bail.

Lloyd was angry because Waters has blasted Trump for being incompetent and has called for Trump to be impeached. Apparently, Lloyd found Waters’ disparagement of Trump offensive.

“If you continue to make threats toward the president, you’re going to wind up dead, Maxine, ’cause we’ll kill you,” Lloyd said in the voicemail.

Lloyd also used the N-word to refer to Waters, which underscores the fact that many of Trump’s supports are racist. He couldn’t stop after a deadly threat, but he also felt compelled to use the N-word to express his rage.

Since the presidential election, according to civil rights organizations, hate groups are on the rise and white supremacists are feeling more emboldened to spew their racist views. Lloyd is one of those bigoted fanatics.

Until now, none of Trump’s supporters have been arrested for threatening to murder a Black U.S. member of Congress. If convicted, Lloyd faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

Waters said she is focused on her constituents.

“My district is very diverse, and though we don’t always agree, my constituents would never threaten me,” Waters said in a statement. “We are collectively focused on the progress, safety, and security of our communities.”

Meanwhile, Trump, who tweets incessantly, is silent about Lloyd. Where is the outrage from Trump? Where is the outrage from Republican congressional leaders? Why do conservatives almost always go silent on issues concerning racial intolerance?

A FBI agent interviewed Lloyd and he admitted to leaving the voicemail but said he was not actually planning to kill Waters. He told authorities that he is a “pro-president supporter.”

Waters (D-Calif.) has been consistent in her verbal attacks on Trump. Last week, during a speech at the Women’s Convention in Detroit, she called Trump “indecent and deplorable.”

“This is a man with no good values, no good intentions and no good respect,” Waters told the crowd.  “We cannot afford to be shut down or shut up by any man, particularly not one as indecent and deplorable as Donald Trump.”

“Donald Trump is the most dishonorable and despicable human being to ever serve in the office of the president,” Waters said.

Waters has achieved rock-star status among young people for her criticism of Trump. She has also earned the affectionate nickname: “Auntie Maxine.”

“Since refusing to attend Trump’s inauguration, Waters, the longest-serving Black woman in the House, has achieved icon-level status,” according to The Los Angeles Times. “Her image and quotes appear on T-shirts and posters. Twitter and Facebook are full of people rubbing their virtual hands in glee at what she might say next.”

Racist Trump supporters like Anthony Lloyd can fall back on the free speech argument but when they cross the line and threaten to kill a member of Congress, they will almost always end up behind bars –which is exactly where they belong.

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12 thoughts on “Sign Of The Times: Rep. Maxine Waters Receiving Death Threats

  1. specialt757 on said:

    ” Anthony Scott Lloyd, 44, from San Pedro, CA is a dumbass. Death threats…really? That’s a bit much. I guess him and his sister/wife Julie Poff, 46 (the crazy bitch who sent a bomb through the mail), can serve time in the pen together where they belong.

  2. Why was this turd, Lloyd even granted bail?

    Whenever folks of color DARE to stand up and SPEAK OUT against the evil in this country-then they start receiving death threats.

    Kudo’s to Ms. Waters for keeping it real and speaking TRUTH to these POS White RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Carol Denise Mitchell on said:

    I can’t stand Maxine Waters. She and her husband frauded the American People. She has a big mouth. As a Black woman myself, I believe Maxine Water is a disgrace and loudmouth. Her reactions towards the President is not constructive.

    • Carol – you may not like Ms Watets – but at least she IS DOING SOMETHING to help her community – tell me what the phuck are you doing?! Whites stick together NO MATTER WHAT! You throw another Black woman under the bus!!! SHE is trying to help! Can we say that about you???

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