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13 thoughts on “Holy Grounds! James Fortune’s ‘Favor Of God’ vs. Jonathan McReynolds’ ‘Not Lucky I’m Loved’

  1. Angela Johnson on said:

    Chiiiiiiiile! These are both great! However as I get older this “Jesus Loves Me” takes on a whole new meaning. I’ll be 30 in February & everyday I wake up realizing there is no way I’m lucky…it has to be because I’m loved that I am still here & in my right mind! Jesus! This is my first time hearing the full song & it gave me butterflies thinking about how gracious & merciful God is to me. This is my new FAVE!Amazing Job!!

  2. I love them both! They both speak to the blessings that it is to be a child of God. Day and nighttime songs! One starts your day off the other brings you back in perfect peace.
    However, your online technician got the title of Johnathon’s song wrong on the voting site it seems like .

  3. Two Extraordinarily great artists -,had to vote for Jon so inspired and God consciously provoked to grow deeper and love deeper with God as the core of my life! Blessings – Jon keep singing and writing Gods love letters for all hearts!

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