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Nicki Minaj is breaking the Internet with her risqué Paper Magazine shoot, but not in a good way. The raunchy cover has fans questioning if it was necessary, at this point in her career, to appear in this capacity and what message it sends to young girls.

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Paper’s annual attempts to “break the Internet” have seemingly backfired a la Kim Kardashian’s nude cover. What say you readers? Are you underwhelmed by Nicki’s scantily clad cover?

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Did Nicki Minaj Tries To Top Kim K ‘Paper’ Magazine Cover With Risquè Pics was originally published on

6 thoughts on “Did Nicki Minaj Tries To Top Kim K ‘Paper’ Magazine Cover With Risquè Pics

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Tacky, classless, tasteless, moral-less. What can I say? She did black women a disservice. She’s already a household name, this was a sense act for attention

  2. ………This is tasteless, classless and she should be ashamed of herself!!..LOOK, don’t get me wrong, everyone has a little freak in them, including yours truly,.. but this is soooooo Desperate looking and the bad thing is that its been done before and BETTER. NIKKI, I have lost all respect for you.. NOT A GOOD LOOK. Why don’t you just star in a PORN and get it over with…but whats left to see? Your name in this industry is about to be MUD!!! Again, NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!

    • specialt757 on said:

      bb I NEVER had respect for her, not even on her best day, she was still trashy and tacky. I hope women don’t look to her as a role model for them or their daughters.

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