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Domestic abuse is an unfortunate tragedy that our society deals with on a regular basis. Women and children happen to be the ones that suffer from it the most.

Anita Hawkins and her husband former baseball player LaTroy Hawkins have donated their Dallas home as a shelter for battered women. Hawkins, being a survivor of domestic abuse herself, felt the need to get involved by supporting an organization called Women Called Moses.

“Well, I’ve been working with Women Called Moses for 3 years. When I first met her (Debra Nixon-Bowles the founder) at her gala for her organization it was such an impact on me that she was out there in the trenches fighting for women,” explained Hawkins.

“The home is a transition home for women and children before they go into something permanent,” said Hawkins. “This was the only safe haven in the southern sector of Dallas.”

Lots of people wonder why it’s so hard for women to leave these situations. Hawkins expressed, “No one could tell me that I was tired. I had to get tired for me…You don’t think that you can make it on your own,” when you have kids. That can be a major factor in why women find it hard to leave even though they are getting abused.

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