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There are obviously some lingering issues between Kandi Burruss and the rest of Xscape, as shown in their awkward, strained appearance last night on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

At times, it was like pulling teeth for host Andy Cohen. Many of his questions yielded uncomfortable silences, strained smiles, rolled eyes and side eyes within the reunited group.

The more Andy tried to ask the ladies about their breakup, Kandi’s hookup with Jermaine Dupri and other topics already addressed in the first two episodes of their Bravo reality series “Xscape: Still Kickin’ It,” the more uncomfortable the interview became.

Asked by a viewer if Xscape would be releasing any new music following their upcoming reunion tour. The group dropped the bombshell that LaTocha, Tamika and Tiny have already started recording a new album as Xscape, but Kandi has opted not to join them, instead choosing to focus on “Broadway” and other projects.

Also, Tiny said maybe five words throughout the entire half-hour appearance.

Watch an overall recap below, followed by specific clips:


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18 thoughts on “Xscape Is Recording New Music Without Kandi Burruss

  1. Sunday was first time watching their show and they are so dysfunctional and jealousy within the group Nene is lucky she did not work with them. It would have been a mess.

  2. Gloria C on said:

    Kandi cant sing that great anyway! Go on w/o her or maybe replace her. She cries too much anyway n had gotten stubborn as hell! Keep it moving if she does not want 2 be apart of the group!

  3. Essynce on said:

    What sucks is, Kandi is the weakest link vocally. Latocha sings circles around allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll them smh. I understand she’s the “most successful” but shoot, recording wise… Good riddens

  4. C.Robbins on said:

    I do not think Kandi should record new music with the group. Things are very tense between the two sister and Kandi. Sometimes you cannot go back that may not be what God has ordain for Kandi. Sometimes we tend to go with the flow when that is not God’s plan that is how we mess things up! Kandi has many streams and she continues to do well. She does not need to go backwards she needs to keep focused straight ahead. Most people do not understand this but when you grow you know. Just saying! Kandi does not need the group may be the group needs Kandi!

    • KEEPING IT REAL! on said:

      I totally agree!!!Kandi whether liked or not has many business entities going on, AND SHE IS SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT THOSE 2 thirsty GREEASY SISTERS. Those 2 THIRSTY SISTAHS should do the same, and Tiny needs to try to hold on as she is DOING to TI.

  5. Kandi is a boss. tiny is doing ok, but those other two they were forgotten about a long time ago. They should let bygones be bygones and get on with their lives, that was 20 years ago.

    • KEEPING IT REAL! on said:

      For real those 2 greasy sisters are trying to revive something from the past because neither looks as though they have anything going on AT ALL; except those broke looking dudes they are each with!! Kandi needs to say bye to the 2 felicias, and keep getting up as she has been doing for he past 18yrs or so!!!!!!!!!

  6. I feel that the ladies used Kandi’s tv platform to re-establish themselves; except Tiny. You can say what you want about Kandi, but she was successful with them and now she’s successful without them. Kandi isn’t the only one that has an attitude; they all do.

    • Chastity on said:

      I agree with you. Tamika and Latocha needed the show to get back on the grid and they did use Kandi for it. Tiny has her own thing not to mention a successful husband so she was good without it. The other two were, not to be mean, but has-beens.

  7. Lady Kay on said:

    Kandi is the most successful of the 4 and clearly putting down a member of your group only shows that you are the weakest link and Kandi is not the reason why you want be successful individually! What you do and what you say reflects who you are. Taring down someone doesn’t make you look good!

    • D'wi Satterfield on said:

      If you want to compare money Tiny is $60mil vs Kandi at $40mil. And it not T.I.s money. She has had more versatile career endeavors than Kandi; and other business ventures that make her more successful a relevant on different levels as well. Both of them are very successful sisters. I think Tiny is wanting to embrace her music again (not that she has to maintain anything) — Music is her passion…

  8. Some people, seemingly, never get over past dissentions and discord. Kandi, seemingly, is one.
    It’s been 20(+) years. True forgiveness is acting as though it never happened. I believe Kandi is more upset about the fact her sleeping around (to name, with Jermaine Dupri/ee), was outed.

    • KEEPING IT REAL! on said:

      I don’t think that it is KANDI with the problem as much as it si those 2 BROKE GREASY SISTAHS who started the rumors to begin with!!

  9. Gosh, Kandi is such nut case. She’s the only one in the group with attitude. She’s just crazy. They’re all trying to get along and she’s being silly as usual. Her brain is stuck on stupid as she’s cheesing over a man who doesn’t even want her. What an idiot.

    • I thought it was just me, but I agree. Kandi is being childish. It’s like she thinks the rest of them should kiss her ass. Grown up Kandi. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the others die.

  10. Creole4life on said:

    That’s really sad and disappointing to me as a fan. However, I don’t think Kandi’s voice is the strength of the group and expect to still hear good music from other ladies.

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