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Dark skinned woman pensive

Source: Peathegee Inc / Getty


You would think that in 2017, the whole lightskin vs. darkskin debate would be played out — but apparently, it’s still alive and well.

On Friday, a video of a young student getting emotional about feeling inferior due to her darker complexion has gone viral, and celebs are reaching out to make sure that the young Queen knows her true worth.



Baltimore City School teacher Valencia D. Clay (who is known for helping inner city youth reach their fullest potential)  posted the video a few months back, but it’s just now getting the #respeck it deserves. Celebs like SZA and Ryan Destiny commented on the touching video to show their support of the young queen, but actress Danielle Brooks and singer Luke James took it one step further.

Hit the flip to see their response.

WATCH: This Young Black Girl Gets Candid About Colorism And Celebs Rally Behind Her was originally published on

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6 thoughts on “WATCH: This Young Black Girl Gets Candid About Colorism And Celebs Rally Behind Her

  1. I didn’t think I would tear up, but that was…AWESOME! I loved it!
    One of my best friends is the prettiest black woman I know, her complexion is the same as the young lady in this video. She got the same comments when she was growing up. When I met her, I thought 50 things about her, her complexion was not one of them. She is one of the sweetest, kindhearted, and caring people I know, I wish I had 50 friends just like her, I wouldn’t trade her or her complexion for the world. #teamjanaealways!

  2. Blacks bring slit if that foolishness on their own race. White people dont care if your light or dark or mixed you still black. As a darker complexion person I was always told be white people I was pretty and had beautiful skin. That some ignorance blacks do light think in their prettier than dark.

    • So true. And some black men pushes now that “white is better” they wont come out straight out and say it, they say PC statements that they love their blackness; but really, those black men don’t until trouble comes their way. I often say we can be our own enemy at times when it come to this issue. Some of us brought into the Wyllie Lynch theory that has been passed down.

      • Yes we black women need to stop supporting these black celebs that try to down grade us for white women. Why would a black person put someone white above their own is beyond me. Blacks are the only race that are still trying there best to achieve whiteness I guess. I don’t get it.

      • I agree GiGi. you NEVER hear a white person degrading their white men or women (or any other group of people) to justice being with someone black. NEVER. Only blacks, an black men are the worst, who does this stupidity and then we wonder why other groups keeps disrespecting us. We disrespect our selves and put own our selves.

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