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At least 25 students have gone on a hunger strike at Spelman & Morehouse college to change school policy in hopes of being able to donate unused meals to needy students.

Starting on November 2, 2017, students who have joined are passionate about the strike and the changes it can bring.

According to CrossRoads News, the goal of the hunger strike is “to get the colleges and their campus food provider Aramark to set up a way for students with paid college meal plans to donate unused meals to needy students who can’t afford the plans.”

The University of California partnered with a program in 2009 called Swipe Out Hunger that worked with colleges and campus providers across the nation.

Depending on the institutions, the program allows students to give their already paid for meals to students in need or homeless people in the surrounding community.

Morehouse and Spelman students are hoping to do just that on their own campuses. “By introducing a Swipe Out Hunger program at Spelman and Morehouse, we would directly impact student hunger and raise the awareness on the issues impacting our fellow students experiencing hunger and homelessness while in college,” explained Hector a student.

Administration from both colleges are looking into the safety of students on the hunger strike and into hopefully implementing the program in their schools.

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(Source: CrossRoads News)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

6 thoughts on “Hunger Strikes At Spelman & Morehouse To Change School Policy

  1. Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz on said:

    As a Spelman alum, I am very proud of the sacrifice being made for others. As a community college trustee and chair of the success committee, we are on top of policy to help those with food and housing deficiencies. We must address the needs of the whole student. Bravo to my sisters and brothers!

  2. Catt Tyler on said:

    Admire this student effort but would also recommend establishing a food pantry for fellow students?
    Good look and stay strong 👍🏾

  3. Administration is looking into the safety of students on the hunger strike…….why does there have to be a strike at all. The program is well established and simply should be implemented at these two colleges. Why does it have to be so difficult to help others?

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