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A lawyer for Tyrese’s ex-wife says he was crying crocodile tears in his meltdown video in an attempt to play on the public’s sympathy.

Norma Gibson’s attorney, Aleen Khanjian, tells The Blast that Tyrese’s, “emotional outburst this morning is nothing more than a means of misleading and manipulating fans.”

Tyrese posted the video Wednesday morning begging Norma to drop the restraining order against him, and crying over his unheeded calls to see their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla.

Norma’s team says Tyrese “has a court ordered, professionally monitored, dinner with his daughter tonight. He’s known this since Monday.”

The Blast also reports that Tyrese and Norma were close to a settlement, but the Fast and the Furious actor called it off at the last-minute when Norma stipulated that he would have to admit wrongdoing.

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8 thoughts on “Tyrese’s Ex-Wife’s Lawyer Says He’s Playing The Public

  1. Tyrese your one of the finest brothers in Hollywood take time out to breath and get back to singing you have a smooth voice and a good sound leave your opinions open to different areas in your life that you are good at 👍

    • I disagree. There are many celebs who you think are rich who are not rich (Fame does NOT equal rich all the time). When you have agents, tax people, lawsuits, high living expense, etc, Yeah you can be broke.

  2. And what are you Norma? Take a seat. Tyrese is the one who is in the limelight so there is no need to “play” the public. You are getting attention only because of HIM. So who is playing who.

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