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In the law and order environment created by President Donald Trump, some alleged police abuses are too flagrant to ignore—even for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


One could think the law enforcement officer at the center of a federal hate crime case was a sheriff of a small Deep South town at the height of the Civil Rights-era. Instead, he’s a 21st century New Jersey police chief.

Frank Nucera, the former chief of the Bordentown Township Police Department in New Jersey, was arrested and charged on Wednesday for federal hate crimes and civil rights offenses, according to The Washington Post.

Federal prosecutors have alleged that Nucera, 60, exhibited a pattern of physical violence, verbal abuse and intimidation of Black people.

Nucera’s own words, the complaint said, revealed his level of bigotry: “I wish that ni**er would come back from Trenton and give me a reason to put my hands on him, I’m tired of ’em. These ni**ers are like ISIS, they have no value. They should line them all up and mow ’em down. I’d like to be on the firing squad, I could do it.”

Prosecutors said Nucera, who retired after learning of the federal investigation, also used police dogs to intimidate Black students at high school basketball games.

The incident at the center of the case is over Nucera allegedly slamming the head of a Black teen suspect into a metal door jamb. The 18-year-old had been accused of not paying a hotel bill.

The case was yet another example of why the Justice Department must maintain the police department reforms—aimed at uprooting racial bias—started under President Barack Obama.

In March, Sessions directed the DOJ to review agreements between police departments and the Obama administration to ensure they align with Trump’s law-and-order policy.


Ex-Police Chief’s Alleged Racism Is Too Outrageous Even For Jeff Sessions To Ignore was originally published on newsone.com

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