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I’m starting to think about the Bordelons a little too much. I’m worried about Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford). I’m hoping that after two seasons of tease, that Remy (Dondre Whitfield) will finally get some. I think I’ve started to feel a little sorry for Davis (Timon Kyle Durrett). And Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) and Darla (Bianca Lawson)- my heart is breaking for them.

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Does this sound like you? Because if Facebook and Twitter are any indication, some folks think the Bordelons are kin to them. I’ve seen whole threads dissecting Darla and Ralph Angel’s relationship and what happens next. So it’s fitting that Episode 14, “On These I Stand,“ takes place seconds after the last one, as Ralph Angel’s heart breaks right in front of us after the revelation that he might not be Blue’s (Ethan Hutchinson) biological father. After absorbing that body blow, RA races off to God knows where in his truck.

Darla’s mother (Michael Michele)  is still there to help her pick up the pieces. She admits that she once had a drinking problem. She then asks Darla if there was more than one man at this party gone horribly wrong. Darla’s not even sure. Damn, Darla. But let’s be clear, drug addiction is being realistically dealt here in all its life-shattering facets.

Darla’s mother suggests that she move back to what seems to be an East Coast or distant city and ‘start over.’ Listen Mrs. Sutton, I know you just got your daughter back and probably would like her home. But Blue ain’t going nowhere. Even Darla seems to recognize that’s not a good idea. For now.

On to Aunt Vi. Maaan, listen, I don’t like Aunt Vi having to struggle with illness. I kind of hate that an older women can’t be healthy  as it further perpetuates the idea that aging always comes with health challenges. Not true, people! But it is what it is. When Aunt Vi comes in digging through her new bag of medications, Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) sees it and is immediately suspicious.

So he goes through her bag and – cause men don’t know how to do these things as slick as a woman would – he gets caught.

He tells Vi he knows damn good and well no supplements come in a white bag. Hmm, good point. So she finally tells him the truth. Hollywood’s face – I thought he would pass out, thinking lupus was terminal. It’s not. Aunt Vi says she’s good fighting it alone, cause she’s not trying to be a burden. The kids got their own problems. Aunt Vi is really speaking for aunties everywhere. But Hollywood, to his credit, ain’t having none of that. He’s going to be there for her AND they gotta tell the kids, because secrets are not helping this family.

But when? All these kids are dealing with drama. Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner)  is hit with a big problem. The Landrys have threatened the leases of two of Charley’s farmers. They gotta pull out of grinding with Queen Sugar. But remember the black sheep Landry that Charley’s mother introduced her to? He’s back. He’d like to take Charley to dinner because she intrigues him as well as her business. Charley’s not going for that so she gives him tour of the mill. He’s impressed and will keep the conversation to Queen Sugar but still wants dinner. Has he ever heard of Harvey Weinstein, I wonder?

Micah (Nicholas Ashe) has just noticed that he didn’t notice that his high-end prep school pays homage to Confederate generals. Uh-oh. Where does he think he is? He’s disgusted but his closest, allegedly woke white friend doesn’t think too much of it. It’s the South, it’s how they do. You know Keke (Tanyell Waivers) thinks that ridiculous, so Micah feels like he has a least one ally. Also, they’re in the one relationship on this show that is going well.

Nova (Rutina Wesley)  is approached by a local elder (Beverly Todd) to help decide what to do with some block grants for the 9th ward. She really doesn’t want to be involved. That’s a lot of responsibility. Her boy – the dude she gets her weed from, remember him? – invites her to a meeting of local activists. When she gets there, one of the women gets in her face accusing her of scaring the community with the Zika virus screenings.

(Why these people so mad – it is a mosquito-borne illness and New Orleans has plenty of those) Nova backs her down but she’s in her feelings about it. I guess so; you left two men and a woman for your principles and the cause and now the people you are trying to help don’t even appreciate it.

Darla calls Ralph Angel begging him to come home. He says ‘What home?’ and promptly hangs up. Nope, he’s not going to be good and as much as Ralph Angel made you want to yoke him up sometimes, we are all hurting for him. Thank goodness for small towns because someone calls Hollywood to come get RA, as he’s drunk himself into a stupor. Glad someone made that call or there might have been another tragedy. Aunt Vi and Hollywood are wondering what’s going on but Ralph is in no condition to tell them.

Charley and Remy are working that grown folks love. They’re taking their time. But when Charley gets a gift from Black Sheep Landry (based on a little joke between them) Remy’s not feeling it. Is he jealous or as a man, does he just know that expensive liquor sets aren’t usually about business? Lawd, Queen Sugar does pack in all the issues of the day, don’t they?

Well, with Ralph Angel distraught, Aunt Vi sick, Micah angry, Remy perturbed, Hollywood worried, Nova frustrated, Darla guilt-ridden and Charley under attack in multiple ways by the Landry family, the episode ends with Aunt Vi praying for the family, but not before the one person unaffected by all this is shown playing happily in the yard. Ahh, the innocence of childhood. But how long will Blue have it with all the important adults in his life struggling?

Until next time, Sugar babies!

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