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An interest group injected racism into a political race again this election season. A few weeks ago, the Laborers’ International Union of North America was behind the decision to omit Justin Fairfax, the Black candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor, from a political flier that lists the three Democratic candidates for statewide office.

Now, in Minnesota, the St. Paul Police Federation has come under fire for suggesting in a political flier that St. Paul mayoral candidate Melvin Carter is somehow responsible for an increase in gun violence.

According to the mailer, distributed by a political action committee named Building a Better St. Paul, “Over 100 shots have been fired since August 15 when Melvin Carter’s guns went missing.”

That’s a reference to the theft of two guns from the candidate’s house during a robbery over the summer. The flier blames him, among other things, for not contacting the police soon enough after the break in. However, the strategy backfired.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that on Monday Gov. Mark Dayton became the latest public official to condemn the attack on Carter.

“It’s just very unfortunate this injected that kind of negativity and that kind of racial bias into the race,” the governor said, according to the newspaper.

On Oct. 26, the state’s Democratic congressman Rep. Keith Ellison tweeted that the police union can of course support the candidate of its choice but “politicizing their role as officers to smear Melvin Carter is unacceptable.”

The backlash from donors forced the PAC to shut down, The Star Tribune reported. The police union was its biggest donor.

Carter tweeted a thank you note to those in the community who shared his outrage.

SOURCE:  Minneapolis Star Tribune

PHOTO: Melvin Carter official website

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15 thoughts on “Racist Attack Backfires In Minnesota Mayoral Race

  1. white people derived from monkeys gorillas chimps rats and cave men so the only thing their tiny little brains can compute is violence jealousy hatred animalistic stupidity and incest thats all they know

  2. People of the states that are having elections next Tuesday, don’t let this distract you. These attempts should fail, don’t get caught up in the bullshit. Just whitey’s attempt to use fear to intimidate you into not going to poles. GET YOUR A$$ OUT AND VOTE!!!!! You have no excuses.

  3. OK so Carter gets called out on what Libards themselves like to call irresponsible gun ownership and the only response is as usual play the race card (like black people only have guns stolen) OHHH but this ad is perfectly OK

    • Passing Through! on said:

      How in the f**k are they calling him out by blaming him for an increase in gun violence because his guns were stolen? When racist NRA owned Republikkkans put more guns on the street than anyone, how about your stupid ass president pushing back regulations that will allow mentally ill citizens to buy firearms because he wants to undo something that President Obama has put in place. That’s why 58 people are dead in Las Vegas.

      • That Bernie Sanders supporter Passed every back ground check Obama administration implemented even the one which allowed him to buy the “bump Stocks” Obamas ATF approved for sale TRY AGAIN SKIPPY

    • specialt757 on said:

      “irresponsible gun ownership” There are irresponsible gun owners, however I don’t believe Mr. Carter fits into this category. His guns were stolen, he reported them stolen and now for political gain, idiots sent this irresponsible mailer out. Even if they could prove all 100 shots were fired with those two guns, they still can’t pin that on Mr. Carter, unless he pulled the trigger, which of course, they have no proof. Instead of trying to solve the crime, they just tried to smear his name. white devils.

      • According to Hollywood lib’s ANY ONE who owns a gun is irresponsible
        Even Tom Joyner advocated a month ago “when calling your legislator about more gun laws first ask if they have a gun”

  4. ….so sick and tired of evil white folks saying and doing exactly what they want and then offering up some damn lame excuse when they are called out on it. The police federation had the mailer prepared to send out so close to the election and it backfired on them. This from the people who are supposed to serve and protect….what a frickin” joke………!!

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