“Awareness and action are not the same things,” says Shaun King. In this day and age of the Trump Era, King believes that as a people we need to organize better to make an impact.

On this segment of the Scary Truth, Shaun King outlines some main things that need to happen for change to happen. A plan for change, getting more people to execute the plan and energy. Listen above as he expands on each of these.

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2 thoughts on “Shaun King: How Do We Actually Make Change Happen?

  1. In order for things to change in this country-some folks need to change their IGNORANT MENTALITY!!!!!!!!

    No one is SUPERIOR to anyone else-unless they are GOD!!!!!!!

    This is not YOUR COUNTRY–it originally belonged to the Native Americans
    which you people seemed to have forgotten.

    We are all HUMANS no matter the color of our SKIN.

    Get over YOURSELVES and allow others to EXIST AND BE FREE!!!!!!!

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