Inside Her Story: Sexual Harassment In The Work Place


Film producer and director Harvey Weinstein has fallen to shame as reports of sexual harassment filled the press. Multiple actresses have come forward to give their accounts of sexual harassment from Weinstein.

Natasha Bowman an attorney and sexual harassment expert believes there needs to be more conversation on sexual harassment. She talks with Jacque Reid all about it.

“I’m concerned about organizations that have been put on notice about this conduct and they have chosen to do nothing or give hush money to victims, ” says Bowman.

Often times, victims get swept under the rug with their cases. “They actually pay the victims to go away and make them sign a non-disclosure agreement, ” explained Bowman.

Signing a non-disclosure agreement makes dealing with the issues of sexual harassment hard since victims aren’t allowed to talk about it.

“We need to stand and criminalize this behavior in the workplace,” expressed Boman.

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Celebs Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault
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