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A Black, teenage member of the U.S. military in uniform was called a nigger by a White motorist during an extreme instance of road rage in Florida on Tuesday – and she documented it on Facebook for everyone to see.

Geminia Aimable, a 19-year-old private in the Army National Guard of the United States, was driving when “a man cut me off. Just to then later FOLLOW me,” she wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral with more than 9,200 shares and nearly 6,000 comments.

She wrote that she couldn’t get him to stop following, and when they got to a stop light, the man got out and “Told me to never forget that I am nothing but a nigger and that us niggers do not deserve to serve this very country and to take off my uniform and to kill myself.”

While statistics about racist road rage incidents are not officially documented, the disturbing trend seems to be gaining momentum, something that may have to do with the divisive election of President Donald Trump and the subsequent rise of the White nationalist movement.

The experience described by Aimable nearly matched another in North Carolina, where a Black woman was reportedly cut off by a White male driver this week. When Tiffany Sterling honked, the male driver pulled next to her and opened his door, she told Fox 46 Charlotte.

“He was making racial slurs and sexual gestures. It seemed like he was trying to insult me every way he could,” said Sterling, who pulled out her phone to document the confrontation.

“Take my picture, b*tch, I don’t care!” the man screamed. “I had the green light… little n*gger c*nt.”

Sterling continued: “I could have ignored him but I’m glad I got the footage.”

Several other noteworthy instances of racist road rage have taken place in the recent, as shown below.


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12 thoughts on “Racist Road Rage Against Black Drivers Seems To Be On The Rise

  1. Tony Reed on said:

    You see this mostly happens to women (no offense to women), but these cowards would not try this with black men. Most of these so called men are really cowards who only try to this type of behavior with people they feel will not respond with the same kind of hate. Put them in a room with other men and they will quietly sit in the corner and wait until they get home to take it out on their families.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I notice that all the people who defended the rights of the gym owners to fire their black employee because he didn’t stand for the NA, are loudly silent when it comes defending blacks against blatant racist attacks. I guess it’s just black folk’s fault for being black.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Trolls? Explain the behavior of the people you respect and honor so much? What did these black folks do to deserve these actions towards them?

  4. americanize on said:

    Black America practice ur 2nd amendments rights,lock & load these devils are running amok.Black females armed yourselves,if a devil shoots you they will get a slap on the wrist.The race soldiers are killing us anyway,so stand ur ground.Lock & load.

  5. As long as Chump and his GOP cronies remain silent regarding all of these RACIST incidents-the more they will continue!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time for us to stop wasting precious ammo shooting and killing each other.
    Those same bullets may become very useful really soon.

    We should not be each other’s ENEMY!!!!!!!!

    Time for, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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