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WASHINGTON (AP) — A House Democrat offered a resolution Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump but let it die before action was taken, saying he would force a vote later.

The move by Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, edged his party toward a confrontation craved by some of its most liberal supporters but opposed by many others — including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — who consider it ill-advised and premature. It would have no chance of succeeding in the Republican-run chamber.

Green presented his 15-page articles of impeachment to the House as a privileged resolution, a special procedure that could have forced a vote within the next two days. When his name was called later to consider his proposal, he was not in the chamber and the resolution died.

Green can revive his effort and said in an interview that he will bring it back for a vote, but would not say when. He said he didn’t appear on the House floor when it was time to consider the measure, effectively withdrawing it, because he wanted to give colleagues and voters a chance to consider it.

“It would be a disservice to the American people for it to be voted on immediately,” he said.

Several Democrats said party leaders have tried talking Green out of forcing what would be a contentious vote for Democrats. It would make them choose between siding with liberal constituents eager to oust Trump and moderates preferring to await the results of investigations by special counsel Robert Mueller and multiple congressional committees.

Green declined to discuss conversations with top House Democrats.

His impeachment articles do not accuse Trump of any crimes, which the lawmaker argues are not necessary to remove a federal official from office. The Constitution says that for removal, officials must be convicted by the Senate of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The congressman’s articles say Trump’s transgressions have been “political.” They cite Trump statements and actions affecting Muslims, transgender people, Puerto Rican storm victims, the Ku Klux Klan and others, saying they evidence “a demonstrable record of inciting white supremacy, sexism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, race-baiting, and racism.”

While Trump is intensely unpopular among Democrats in and out of Congress, party leaders have considered an impeachment effort unrealistic and politically damaging unless an investigation into his actions produces solid evidence of an impeachable crime.

Asked if Pelosi, D-Calif., supported such a move, an aide called attention to previous statements she has made.

“What are the facts that you need to make a case on? What are the rules he may have violated? If you don’t have that case, you’re just participating in more heresay,” Pelosi said in May on CNN. She added, “We owe the American people some stability in all of this.”

Green said he has not tried selling his proposal to others, saying, “I’m prepared to stand alone.”

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13 thoughts on “Impeach Trump? House Democrat Offers Resolution, Sets It Aside

  1. Trump won’t last! He’ll be in a mental ward before too long!! He’s unstable and he proves it daily. One tweet away from a straight jacket!!

  2. hoodtechie on said:

    if anybody should have been impeached it should have been Dumbo eared #44 with the way his policies wrecked this countries economy.well the experiment is over now we can move on with a president who has real ideas for getting this country back on its and respected again. The mom jean wearing metrosexual # 44 is out of office, good riddance.

    • Guest1 on said:

      You do know #45 is a moron, which is two levels below stupid and one level above imbecile, don’t you? Leave the past alone and come to the future. You made your bed, now lie in it. Like your ilk always says, get over it snowflake. Get over it, this is who you picked. Stop deflecting and talk about the chaotic mess in the Crazy House. You’re putting up a good fight though, but he’ll either be impeached or he’ll have a nervous breakdown hopefully, before his mouth gets us all killed. #45 will definitely go down, and he will go down as the worst president this country has ever had. The emperor has no clothes and no common sense. He’s a bully, a crybaby and an empty suit who lives with his other personalities in Bizarro World. Oh, let me not forget to mention crazy, i.e. dementia/alzheimer’s.

  3. Jerome Taylor on said:

    Impeach him he didn’t care about nobody but his self he ever thing Eminem said is true about Trump he’s not my President

  4. locayowa on said:

    ĀlÈxĀnDrĀ. Ālthough ĀŚhlÈy`Ś coΜΜÈnt iŚ ĀŚtoniŚhing, I juŚt got Ā nÈw ΜÈrcÈDÈŚ ĀftÈr bringing in $4624 thiŚ-pĀŚt/Μonth ĀnD-ovÈr, 10/k thiŚ pĀŚt Μonth. it’Ś DÈfinitly thÈ bÈŚt-work IvÈ ÈvÈr DonÈ. I ŚtĀrtÈD thiŚ ninÈ ΜonthŚ/Āgo ĀnD right ĀwĀy ŚtĀrtĀD bringin in ovÈr $75, pÈr hour. I wÈnt to thiŚ ŚitÈ……

  5. Sleepy Al didn’t have a leg to stand-on can’t do sh!t for his voters just offer up distractions for the politically ignorant from real issues

    • specialt757 on said:

      “distractions for the politically ignorant from real issues” Similar to that of your mentor huh? Distractions coming from the mentally ill celebrity in chief to deflect from real issues.

      • He’s the sexual Predator in chief, liar in chief, dumb ass in chief, the most incompetent prez in the history of the universe. All the white women who voted for this imbecile need to be slapped!!

      • Guest1 on said:

        “D”, don’t fret…don’t think that those white women aren’t kicking themselves in the ass. Some of them still have their foot stuck up their asses, they just don’t want anyone to know how stuck on stupid they were a/o continue to be.

  6. Impeachment is PENDING.

    Every day Chump digs himself into that hole.
    Treason, Collusion, Conflict of Interest are just several good reasons for impeaching
    this turd.

    Maybe Mueller can connect all of the dots once he has finished his investigation of
    Chump and his cronies.

    Chump and Melania better not get too comfy in the WH-they may be packing up their
    Louis Vuitton luggage real soon.

    I can’t wait for the IMPEACHMENT proceedings to begin!!!!!!!

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