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Mike Ditka a Hall Of Fame Football coach and former football player made a comment saying there hasn’t been any sign of oppression in the last 100 years of Black people. DL goes over all the things Black people have been oppressed with in the last 100 years. Listen above.

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4 thoughts on “DL’s GED Report: Black People Have Been Oppressed With In The Last 100 Years

  1. Leslie Smith on said:

    Oppression? That’s why a company will hire a black man before a white with same credentials! Are our black judges and doctors oppressed? Only racism I c is blacks against whites…y’all need to find luv n ur heart and quit being ridiculous!

    • Leslie Smith on said:

      Honest? DLHugley is poisonous to America with his #fakenews and obsurd attitude against whites! Hugely plz stop leading ppl to believe this is a thing! Because many friends and families are interracial and it’s high time u get the hell over yourself

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