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It’s the start of Take A Loved One To The Doctor season and we’re excited to start it with comedian Deon Cole!

Cole has dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle especially with his crazy schedule in the entertainment industry.

“As long as you keep getting ladies you’ll never know that your fat,” says Cole. He didn’t know he had to lose weight! “Ohhhh I’m 265 pounds, that’s why. I’m the cute chunky dude. The teddy bear,” exclaimed Cole.

Having so many projects at once, Cole admits that eating right can be hard for him. “Me and Satan battle every day over Twizzlers and donuts, ” he laughed.

“I think it was just you know man just watching myself. If you watch yourself enough on tv shows you say ‘okay I got to change something,'” explains Cole on the turning point for him on improving his health.

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