It is largely believed that Black women have a grater risk of dying from breast cancer. Founder of Thank God It’s Natural, Chris-Tia Donaldson says that’s not exactly true. According to Donaldson, it has a lot to do with socioeconomic situations. In more racially segregated areas there is greater risk for Black women. She herself is a […]

“Man I’m doing great man. I’m hot off that stroke tour. That’s the beautiful thing about being a comedian. To be honest man this is the realist comedy I’ve ever done in my life,” explained comedian Rodney Perry. Perry had a near-death experience last year when he suffered a stroke while on tour. He was in Colorado talking to […]

It’s the start of Take A Loved One To The Doctor season and we’re excited to start it with comedian Deon Cole! Cole has dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle especially with his crazy schedule in the entertainment industry. “As long as you keep getting ladies you’ll never know that your fat,” says Cole. He […]

It’s Take  A Loved One To The Doctor season on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Ever wonder which foods help our skin look brighter? What about the importance of antioxidants? New York Celebrity Esthetician Mamie McDonald shares a few secrets on which foods will help prevent disease. Listen above! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.