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File this one under “Who approved this?” news.

Soap giant Dove is under fire for posting an ad that depicts a Black woman peeling off her shirt to reveal that she’s a white woman after using their soap.

Critics quickly called the ad “racist” and “deeply ignorant.”

As The Independent points out, it’s unclear which market Dove was trying to target with this, but makeup artist Naythemua, who first posted the images on Facebook, said the campaign was “tone-deaf.”

“What does America tell bBack people … that we are judged by the color of our skin and that includes what is considered beautiful in this country,” she wrote.

“To know that colorism is a problem in the world, that includes bleaching the skin, and they would put this ad out without a thought … the tone deafness in these companies makes no sense.”

After getting dragged online, Dove has since apologized.

On Twitter they wrote:”An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully. We deeply regret the offense it caused.”

But their apology and ad still isn’t sitting well with Black Twitter:


And as this person pointed out, this isn’t Dove’s first offense:’s 2017 y’all. We need companies to do better.

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17 thoughts on “Dove Apologizes For Ad That Turns A Black Woman White

  1. I’m a very dark woman that has been tone shamed by others many times before. I do not find the ad offensive or racist. The white woman in the ad was stripped into a person of a darker complexion and white people didn’t seem offended by that. Would it have had a different reception if the order of the stripping were different? I understand that we are in a time where race relations are very tense, but we have to stop over analyzing stuff that doesn’t merit it. Dove seemed to try include multiple races and complexions into their advertisement.

  2. Guest1 on said:

    @jhump, Bitch, you sound stupid, and prove it everyday you post a dumbass comment. Unless you’re a black woman, you can’t comment on anything involving what black women want. PERIOD! White women have been trying for years to obtain everything that a black woman has. Them white bitches will burn the fuck up in a tanning bed or lay out in the sun at the risk of getting cancer just to get some type of color to their pale asses and you know it. All you got is some hair shit and contacts to comment on? Well, whites don’t corner the market on straight hair, nor do they corner the market on color eye contacts. I’m black a black woman and my father had hazel green eyes, and so did my sister. My aunt had hair down to her ass. So, STFU with that nonsense. On the other had, the white women that you love so much, are out buying fake asses and fake boobs, lip injections, fat injections, and still aren’t satisfied. At the end of the day, when they remove all that shit, they look like a damn fucked amputee because they purchased everything. Ain’t a damn thing real about a white woman except her being the fake phony bitch that she really is. The only black woman who probably wants to be a white woman is that dingbat Stacy Dash. Go take that shit over to Faux News because no one is trying to hear that shit over here.

  3. Eve1128 on said:

    The whole ad shows a black woman turning into a white woman and the white woman turning into a hispanic woman. The issue for me is that no one black could of been in the room when this ad was approved. No way! Someone black would have said, black people are going to see this and go crazy because they will think that Dove is saying that when the black woman turned white that means you are clean. When I looked at the whole ad I didn’t think that but when you look at the first part you do. It’s apparent that Dove and many other national companies don’t understand black people and how or what we think about anything. It’s pitiful that Dove is that dense to think that an ad like that wouldn’t be insulting to the black community. You say you are about diversity, so get some diversity in your marketing department!

  4. m͓̽y͓̽ m͓̽o͓̽m͓̽ i͓̽n͓̽-l͓̽a͓̽w͓̽ r͓̽e͓̽c͓̽e͓̽n͓̽t͓̽l͓̽y͓̽ p͓̽ur͓̽c͓̽h͓̽a͓̽s͓̽e͓̽d͓̽ a͓̽n͓̽ a͓̽l͓̽m͓̽o͓̽s͓̽t͓̽ n͓̽e͓̽w͓̽ r͓̽e͓̽d͓̽ i͓̽n͓̽f i͓̽n͓̽ i͓̽t͓̽ i͓̽ g͓̽ c͓̽o͓̽n͓̽ve͓̽r͓̽t͓̽ i͓̽b͓̽l͓̽e͓̽ i͓̽p͓̽l͓̽ o͓̽n͓̽l͓̽y͓̽ fr͓̽o͓̽m͓̽
    w͓̽o͓̽r͓̽ k͓̽ i͓̽n͓̽g͓̽ o͓̽ff a͓̽ c͓̽o͓̽m͓̽p͓̽ut͓̽e͓̽r͓̽. s͓̽e͓̽e͓̽ m͓̽o͓̽r͓̽e͓̽………

  5. Raymon on said:

    All these cracker owned companies allways pullin this shit. fuck them and their racism. This is why we need another black man or proud black woman in all public offices.

  6. Initially when I saw the picture I was offended because of what I thought it implied. Once I saw the whole ad that changed. As CiscoKid mentioned, the white woman then turned to a light brown skinned woman (I thought she was Latina); no one is talking about that. In my opinion, and we’re all entitled to one as well as our feelings, I really don’t think DOVE was trying to ‘turn’ the black woman white or be insensitive. I think they were trying to convey that their soap is great for all skin types and races. I agree with kates1221, they could have reversed the women BUT then white America would have had a problem with that. Our country is so divided right now over race that however they played it, it still would have been a problem for some. In these types of situations take care with your words because for some, racism and its effects bring up a painful past or present.

  7. CiscoKid on said:

    The picture of the ad is very misleading, probably deliberately so. It does not show the entire ad. The white woman pulls off her shirt to reveal another brown-skinned woman, probably Indian, but nobody is crying about that. Dove needs to grow a spine. They apologized for NOTHING. Only people who are ‘racists’ see racism in EVERYTHING. Normal people saw the ad as saying Dove soap is for all women, regardless of color, ethnicity, skin type, etc.

  8. smiles on said:

    I would rather be “Black and “BEAUTIFUL ANY DAY” than white and full of freckles,and old wrinkled skin. My significant other is White, and he tells me all the time the reason he is NOT attractive to white women is because of their horrible saggy skin and freckles.. #BLACK DON’T CRACK” Baby !!!!!!!!!

  9. I understood the message clearly. Just reverse the images and make the black woman the first to yank off the shirt and put the ad back up. Same message, (Dove is meant all complexions) but with no racial hysteria. Easy peasy. They should be paying me.

  10. shaketa on said:

    I agreee with u 10000% michelle!!! And because we have real CLASS lets just ignore the other two idiotic comments…#blackisbeautiful

  11. Man, smh…this really shows how divided our nation remains and how deep racism flows. Yes, it’s just an ad to some. No, it’s not just an ad to others. At the end of the day when opinions become attacks that cut, you will find that we all bleed red! As a black woman, I find the ad offensive; not just because a black woman was turned white, but for what it implies. I don’t understand why anyone would have any issue with my offense. It’s not your battle. It’s not your pain. I think it is ignorant to speak on something that you can never relate to. A better person would sympathize and help instead of criticizing and causing more damage. #blackisbeautiful is not an idea to elevate black women above any other, but to elevate a race of women who still need to be reminded of their value in our society. Despite our differences ya’ll, right and wrong is colorblind! Dove…that ad was just wrong!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      don’t understand why anyone would have any issue with my offense. It’s not your battle. It’s not your pain. I think it is ignorant to speak on something that you can never relate to. A better person would sympathize and help instead of criticizing and causing more damage.
      Well said Michelle, you summed that up so intelligently. But the truth has no value to a racist it never has. You can clearly see the intellect level of the racist trolls who come to this site. These people are mentally ill, racism is a sickness and they could never see a black person as a victim. They can only debate with stereotypes and by using the racial epithets that validates their racism and superiority complex. When that white man shot 58 people last week you didn’t hear one word from them. You’re exactly right it’s not their battle but it’s their job to try and keep us down.

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