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Gary Sanchez took a nasty hit to the crown jewels at a Yankees game against the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. We already know how he must have felt but it’s the reaction of pitcher and teammate David Robertson.

NY Daily News Reports:

That had to hurt.

Gary Sanchez was struck with a foul tip in the groin area during the Yankees’ 8-4 victory over the Twins in Tuesday’s AL wild-card game — and David Robertson’s reaction went viral.

D-Rob put his hand over his own nether region while appearing to gasp as Sanchez cringed in pain, doubled over onto the dirt.

“Poor guy. I had a great view of it, he just took a tough shot right there,” Robertson said. “I just felt for him. I’m wearing a cup, too. I just know how it feels to get hit there. It’s not fun.”

Robertson’s reaction rivals when he sprinted out of the bullpen in Detroit during the Austin Romine vs. Miguel Cabrera brawl.

It’s the second time a Robertson reaction has gone viral and also the second time a Yankees player has been hit in the groin with a baseball.

Last month, Chase Headley was hit in the groin while at the plate.

Sanchez remained in the game, finishing with a pair of hits – including a double.

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(Source: NY Daily News Reports)

(Photo Credit: Twitter)