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Singer Tank has released a new album called Savage which he says picks up after his last album Sex, Love, & Pain II.

“I’m awesome. I look good you know. My valor is popping, ” he said smiling as he settled into his chair. Tank is kicking off the second part of his tour for Savage starting in New York.

When asked why the album was named Savage Tank replied, “This is our fight. This is our means by which we are going to kick the door in and get R&B in some places that they probably don’t want it or probably doesn’t belong.”

Russ couldn’t help but praise Tank for his music and how respectful he is in anything that he does. “We got to support people like you because we need more artist like that who really give a damn about their audience,” explained Russ.

Tank has been really busy! He just got off of an 18 city tour and is about to start another one that’s equally as long. If that’s not enough he’s also gearing up to do another tour at the beginning of next year in hopes of getting to the cities he missed before.

“That’s what R&B is missing. R&B is missing that real road run where we just go and give the people the music and not just sit back on our social medias and hope that we can reach them,” says Tank  He continues, “Naw let’s go grab them, let’s go knock on their doors.”

You can watch the full interview down below.

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