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Major TV networks have reportedly decided that an interview with O.J. Simpson following his nine-year prison stint is not in their best interest.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simpson’s associates have been shopping his first post-prison interview for weeks, but news outlets are unwilling to risk alienating viewers.

“It is treacherous,” says one TV news veteran. Not with a “10-foot pole,” says another.

In part that’s because those representing themselves as his associates — and there are many of them — are asking for a seven-figure payout for an interview with Simpson, who was acquitted in the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman but ended up serving nine years for a botched 2007 robbery in Las Vegas. Simpson was released from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada a little after midnight on Oct. 1.

According to THR, sources at ABC, CBS and NBC all say that they will not pay for a Simpson interview, which would violate news division standards. Multiple large cable TV groups, including A+E Networks and Discovery, also have passed.

But any money paid to Simpson would be the target of debtors charged with collecting the $33.5 million civil judgment levied against Simpson in the 1997 wrongful death suit brought by the Brown and Goldman families. California attorney David Cook, who has been charged with collecting from Simpson on behalf of the Goldman family, told CNN Oct. 1, that the original judgment has now ballooned to close to $70 million due to interest on the unpaid award.

Below is a video of Simpson at a gas station in Nevada after his release.

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(Brooke Keast/Nevada Department of Corrections via AP)

19 thoughts on “O. J. Simpson Wants Seven Figures For First Interview

  1. Tony Tee on said:

    You are the “JUICE” and always be the “JUICE”. For what it’s worth you did your time now go and live your life. Good luck to you!!!

  2. Fsmi Gore on said:

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  3. Who you on said:

    Regardless of what you say I’m sure there two or three stations that’s tryimg to find the funds!! What you all forget. O.J. Is still a draw!!

    Just as his name had you and me commenting!!

    He will get what he’s asking for or close to it!!

  4. sepofem on said:

    m͓̽y͓̽ g͓̽f͓̽’s͓̽ p͓̽a͓̽r͓̽e͓̽n͓̽t͓̽s͓̽ j͓̽u͓̽s͓̽t͓̽ g͓̽o͓̽t͓̽ a͓̽n͓̽ a͓̽l͓̽m͓̽o͓̽s͓̽t͓̽ n͓̽e͓̽w͓̽ r͓̽e͓̽d͓̽ b͓̽u͓̽i͓̽c͓̽k͓̽ r͓̽e͓̽g͓̽a͓̽l͓̽ g͓̽s͓̽ o͓̽n͓̽l͓̽y͓̽ f͓̽r͓̽o͓̽m͓̽ w͓̽o͓̽r͓̽k͓̽i͓̽n͓̽g͓̽ o͓̽f͓̽f͓̽ a͓̽ l͓̽a͓̽p͓̽t͓̽o͓̽p͓̽. s͓̽e͓̽e͓̽ m͓̽o͓̽r͓̽e͓̽……

  5. POS killed two people and got away with it. Black privilege. I can’t stand you animals. Calling white people inbreeds when 1/3 of africa is inbred. GTFOH. shootings are the standard in any black community. 75 percent of the worlds aids carriers. 13 percent of the US population yet over 60 percent of violent crime. 50 percent of yall have STD’s this is just too easy.

    • 😳 – you really hate Black people – but you are on their website – why? White people hate you and kicked you off all the white sites!! You are am imbecile – I know you mad and stupid cause your mother and father are sister and brother

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yep and we all know mynue is really petey the pedophile johson. He knows oh to well about incest, even his grandparents are siblings.

  6. He really could care less about an interview. No one can touch pension and social security. Every time they mention his name, any show or media should pay. He was found NOT GUILTY. Get over it.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    If I were OJ, they would have to pay my $70M debt off owed to the goldmans. That way, they are out of my hair for good. If they won’t, then I won’t. Leave OJ alone.

  8. Who cares OJ!!!!!!
    He needs to go somewhere and hide.

    I wonder where is all of the $$$$ he hid rather than pay restitution to the Brown/Goldman families
    plus his advance for that pitiful book he penned, “If I Did It.”

    The Juice is a stupid fool-he needs to go sit his broke old ass down.

  9. Leslie on said:

    Pshh, man please! Nobody tryna hear what OJ has to say…especially not at THAT price! Give him a couple of months and he’ll be running his mouth for free. 😒

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