Tamar Braxton Confirms She Is Quitting Music


Tamar Braxton, who will be performing on the 2018 Fantastic Voyage, has been in the media lately over news that she won’t be making music anymore.

So we wanted to know if it was true, and if so why?

“I just have to kind of step away from it for you know a moment and get things into perspective and get my family life together,” she explained.

Her family life and music life have crossed over making things tough. “Music has been the most strenuous because it’s my most passionate you know what I mean,” she said.

But don’t be too sad because she has released her new album Bluebird Of Happiness that features her hit song, My Man.

“I’m so excited that my new album is out. I’ve been waiting forever,” she exclaimed.

Tom is so excited that Tamar is singing on the Fantastic Voyage. Braxton replied, “We are going to get our everlasting life!”

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23 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Confirms She Is Quitting Music

  1. D1"The Original" on said:

    When it comes to music + Braxton there is ONLY 1 = TONI. She is no Toni and will NEVER be, so honestly WHO GIVES A DAMN!!!

  2. I don’t know why she is still on TV. She is ghetto. Has no class. She looks like one of the girls(guy) on “White Chicks”. She comes on TV acting like they living large, and everything is leased. Glad she is off The Real and glad she won’t be singing those stupid ass songs she sings.

  3. I hope Tamar realizes that absolutely no one cares about her and her so called career. She is all about her ego
    She has no class or personality. I’m so sick of her, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. Wish all three would go away.

  4. Dr. Larry on said:

    I hope she’s finally realize the damage her music has done to generations of our youth. Damm rap is the music of the devil. Bitches and Ho’s and fock the po-po SMDH

  5. Tamar Braxton is BAD NEWS; she neglects to respect & honor her sisters who paved the way for her…she has a BIG HEAD; she thinks she is all that, no humility about her at all!

  6. I guess this is one of the “last coming of Christ” moments for her fans!! I like a few of her songs but I would not lose one wink of sleep over Tamar and the whole “lot of them” – the ME, ME, ME – generation if they all go into complete oblivion!!

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