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A high school student in New York has stabbed two classmates out of frustration and killed one.

On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 18-year-old Abel Cedeno stabbed 15-year-old Matthew McCree and 16-year-old Ariane Laboy. McCree died from his injuries.

According to NBC 4 News, police are charging Cedeno with attempted murder, manslaughter, and assault.

During a third-period history class, Cedeno walked into the classroom and stabbed both McCree and Laboy with a switchblade in front of other students.

Authorities aren’t sure how the suspect got the switchblade into the school. Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation doesn’t have metal detectors.

However, that is subject to change as the school is looking to install them immediately.

At a news conference, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce explained that the suspect had many disputes with the victims throughout the year. Boyce commented saying, ”there were few arguments going on for two weeks, into the school year, and it escalated today after some back and forth within the classroom.”

Walking out of the Bronx police precinct on Wednesday night Cedano replied, ”yes” to reporters asking if he had been bullied.

A family member of Cedano talked with reporters and explained that the suspect was a, “very excellent, good kid.” A friend of the suspect confirmed that Cedano had been bullied many times before.

The victims were rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital, where McCree died from a wound to his chest. Laboy also suffered from stab wounds to the chest but is currently stable.

Students described scary moments of being in closets as the school was on lockdown.

Eighth-grader Abbie Mincey remembers seeing a guidance counselor who couldn’t calm herself down. The guidance counselor told her, “I’ve never seen this much blood in my life.”

Many parents were upset when they could not see their kids or get information about what was happening. Rosalyn Valoy a parent explained her frustration saying, “I’m very upset. No one wants to send a child to school to be in danger.”

Cedano is in police custody. Information on his attorney hasn’t been released.


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(Source: NBC 4 News)

(Photo Credit: NBC 4 Screen Shot)

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25 thoughts on “Bullied Student Stabs Classmates At New York School And Kills One

  1. Say what on said:

    Well, we got the BIGGEST BULLY IN THE WHITE HOUSE, so what else do you expect and he (Trump) is RICH, WHITE, etc. so chill with black, single family, etc nonsense. That has nothing to with this.

    • Well in a white school, whites come in shooting which is worst. so if you can go to school with whites, shut up about going to school with blacks.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Let me start off by saying I don’t like bullies or bullying behavior. However, these are 15 and 16 y.o. kids, they have a chance to change or correct their behavior and they don’t deserve to DIE. If bullying is a death sentence, then #45 should not be living right now. He’s in one room on twitter bullying someone or entity and Melania is in another with her anti-bullying campaign tweeting. What kind of foolishness…

    • Have you ever been bully. I have because of my small stature. Throughout elementary school and one year in high school. Wanting to just fit in and get an education wasn’t fun on whom I must face every morning.
      I told my dad and headed straight to my school and brought the bully in the principal office problem solve.
      Guess what all those bully or dead now. 😂
      A lot of those bullies takes after their damn parents.
      When I see those jerks with their big bellies and over weight stature I began to 😆 especially the woman whom was hot in high school and now looks like a blob.

    • specialt757 on said:

      It’s funny you said that, I just saw a photo of the 18 y.o. and he’s not black, but I’m wondering why his mug shot is not posted here. BAW posted photos of the “bullies” but not the murderer, was it because he’s not black?

  3. Chastity on said:

    So sad. It begins at home. As parents, we have to teach our children that you do not make fun of people simply because they are different from you. I read in another article regarding this tragedy that this young man had informed the school that he was being bullied and the school did nothing. If that is true, the school needs to be held responsible as well. It is heartbreaking that this young man felt this was his only option.

    Parents need to teach their children that this not the way to behave. Teachers and staff members in these schools need to take every measure possible to ensure bullying is not tolerated once they are informed that is occurring. People are so quick to say/think that it is just kids being kids. Incorrect!!!

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      The traditional family structure and religious belief system have been taken away from blacks by the Democratic Party and their policies. And we have willingly allowed them to do it for a free handout in return. Sad state our people are in, but we let it happen

      • I concur with your analysis!! WE – BLACK PEOPLE – have compromised our Christian and traditional values to support the liberal, secular progressive views of the democratic party!!

        If blacks are still supportive of this party after they had to debate keeping God in the party’s platform during Obama’s second run for presidency and had to be coerced amidst boos and raucous protests, then that about sums it up for me!!

        I guess that Queen Bey and her former drug dealing, community cultural parasite of a husband are now the Gods for some of us and we wonder why we continue to precipitously slide into a hell on earth!!

        I have worked with children and families for years, and I have seen the decline and THE EXCUSES people make for failure and immorality. We as blacks can criticize and blame everyone else but ourselves; especially COPS, WHITE FOLKS and now the HATED TRUMP for all our problems when the fault, all too often, lies within ourselves!!

        I don’t know where this country’s headed, but we are definitely on the wrong course. When people cannot even agree on respecting our anthem or our flag, then what do we have left?

        Do we really want an urban/ racist jungle out there where everyone fends for themselves or where there are no laws and barriers to chaos and foolishness?

        If we do, then that is where we are headed and our children will continue to suffer!!

        God is watching and I will gladly guess that he does not like what he sees and has a plan for us all.

      • Free hand out? No, free hand out is someone who travels uses over $400,000 of tax payers money to travels 90 miles. That is party pushing hand out.

  4. americanize on said:

    Being bullied is no fun,especially in school its like being in prison.You have two options,allow ur self to be bullied or fight back.

  5. This is so f**kin’ sad. My heart aches, I’m sitting here smh in the fact that this kid felt there was no other choice. He may not be a bad kid, but no kid should get so frustrated that he has to commit murder and ruin his entire life because of words from punk kids. Man how this could have all been avoided. As parents we need to talk to our kids and make sure they understand how the world they live in works. I don’t know if any of these kids have ANY spiritual guidance in their lives but we have so many forces against us, we must do something different, because what we’re doing now is NOT WORKING!!!!

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