First Episode Of Season 4 Of ‘The Real’ Was Completely Unexpected


Returning for season 4 of The Real Loni Love didn’t expect to get the interview that she got with Jerhonda Pace who was a victim of the R. Kelly sex scandal.

“I did not know and that’s the thing about live shows! Jerhonda Pace, she gave us the real scoop. Nobody expected that, especially on daytime television. People now have a better understanding of what happened to her, ” explained Love.

We know what Loni Love thought but you also wonder how did the audience react to it? She said, “the reaction is that you still have 50% of the people blaming her and the other on R. Kelly.  His Instagram was blowing up with comments. It was interesting.”


Love says the purpose of this interview with Jerhonda Pace was, “To give exposure to this but there are so many victims of sexual abuse and we have to start talking about and making people aware of it.”

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One thought on “First Episode Of Season 4 Of ‘The Real’ Was Completely Unexpected

  1. St. Louis, MO didn’t get to see the first show of the season, WE got a replay of Friday’s episode with the husbands. I wish I knew why we didn’t get to see this new, live show! I’ve seen others comment on Instagram that they didn’t see it either so I guess the new show played in limited areas.

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