Shaun King: Medicare For All


In Washington D.C., 16 United States senators got together with Bernie Sanders to co-sponsor a universal health care bill for all. They are calling it Medicare For All. 

For some context, Shaun explains that, “every industrialized nation in the world, every nation in the world with a refined economy already has universal health care. Right here right now even with Obama Care. The United States has nearly 35 million uninsured men, women, and children.”

“Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, ” says Shaun.

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3 thoughts on “Shaun King: Medicare For All

  1. Michael A Hall on said:

    Universal healthcare would impose a significant tax hike on all citizens including the poor. I would be confidant in stating that most Americans would not be happy with giving 50% of their income to the federal government. Nobody wants to pay for this. Health care is not a right as you do not have the right to the labor of healthcare providers at their expense..they are not slaves.

    Country Tax Rate
    Ireland 48% on income over $40,696
    Finland 49.2% on income over $87,222
    UK 50% on income over $234,484
    Japan 50% on income over $228,880
    Austria 50% on income over $74,442
    Belgium 50% on income over $45,037
    Sweden 56.6% on income over $85,841
    Denmark 55.38% on income over $70,633
    Netherlands 52% on income over $70,090

  2. Obamacare is on life support and Mr. King thinks the Government can manage HC for the entire country the VA scandal shows us how efficient Washington is at running HC
    Mr. King mentions that developed nations have universal HC he doesn’t mention the exorbitant taxes payed to run it and the fact it’s so bad that those how can afford it come here for treatment, not to mention “death panels” that decide IF you should be treated
    (remember the couple with the baby that needed a procedure and the UK wouldn’t approve)

  3. James R. on said:

    Medicare is not free you have to wait two years on Disability (SDI) before you can apply. After two years you can apply for Medicare depending upon which plan you choose it can be from $150.00 on up to $500.00 dollars. Medicare Supplements doesn’t apply to anyone under the age of 64 at 64 1/2 you can apply for Medicare Supplement. And as you probable know 65 1/2 you can apply for Medicare just before turning 66 years of age, at the same time you have retired from work and is turning 66 years of age.

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