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On September 5 Donald Trump changed the tide yet again with the announcement that he would rescind a long-standing executive action by President Obama to protect young, undocumented immigrants from deportation who were brought to the states by their parents.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the formal announcement to repeal the policy, evoking fear, uncertainty and disruption throughout the nation.

Most of all, this stirring injustice will directly impact Black communities, as well as the Latinx community. Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Nigeria are the top three countries of origin with Black DACA recipients, according to the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.


DACA, also known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival was enacted as an executive action by former President Obama in 2012.

Recipients (who are also called “Dreamer’s”) must go through a rigorous application process in order to receive protection which include the following provisions: a two-year retrieval from deportation, work permits, state issued licenses, serve in the U.S. military and receive in-state tuition at public colleges/universities.

On March 5, 2018, the government will begin the first steps of the phase out process.


There is no clear path for citizenship for the over 800,000 men and women under DACA. As Obama mentioned in an impassioned Facebook post after Tuesday’s announcement, Congress has failed to act on passing a legitimate path to citizenship for DACA recipients on several occasions.

After September 5, 2017, no new first-time applications will be accepted. If you have received DACA provisions, and your permit is about to expire between now and March 5, you have until October 5 to apply for renewal.

According to the Pew Research Center, the five states with the most DACA recipients include California, Texas, New York, Illinois and Florida.


  • We can’t predict whether or not congress will pass a resolution before the March 5 deadline.
  • Even though there’s a specific number being thrown around (800,000) there’s no definite way to measure the ripple effect this will have for the Dreamer’s loved ones.
  • The Department of Homeland Security has the jurisdiction to deny applications, based on discretion. In the past, most applications were approved as long as the applicant had no criminal record/met the criteria.
  • It’s not apparent how employers will handle the termination process, if congress fails to act. This will also have an immediate, unforeseen effect on the economy.


DACA recipients could seek the following through the following methods to work legally through asylum, a family based visa or marriage.

All of us can put the pressure on our respective state politicians and representatives to get a bill on the floor:

  • The Center for American Progress created this toolkit, which directly contacts politicians who represent swing states.
  • Website Democracy.io has a tool which sends an e-mail directly to your congressional representative.
  • Website FWD.us will contact your congressional representative with a phone call.

Follow the below organizations, activists and writers who have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on:

And as always, don’t forget to resist.


SOURCE: The New York Times, Black Alliance For Just Immigration, The Center for American Progress, Democracy.io, FWD.us, Pew Research Center


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43 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Care About DACA

  1. @chargfox: you ask about what constitutes “Most” Americans wanting the Mexicans to be Deported–the MOST are the Americans who Elected Donald Trump! It is very apparent that ALL or for the sake of argument, “most” of the supporters or voters for Donald Trump want ALL Mexicans Deported yesterday.

  2. They can also blame the US, who’s duly elected President, right or wrong, gave them rights to stay under false pretenses. They based their jobs and families around a statement that granted them the right to stay here.

    • It’s so easy to blame the other fellow IS the easy way out, when it’s Man-Up when you blame yourself for your situation. Their parents should NOT have brought them to the U.S. illegally, therefore the blame should be directed to the parents.

      • chargfox, DEPORT their Mexican Children too, because they are Mexicans, plus by deporting the illegal parents & their illegal children would negate dividing their Mexican families. chargfox, Americans are not required by ANY law to take care Mexicans, whether they are Mexican children or Adult Mexicans; the President of Mexico is Responsible for the Mexican People.

      • Some have lived and worked here longer than many Americans. Look you can argue it all you want, but I know that Trump has stated his intentions are for Congress to make it “legal”. If Trump understands this, then I can’t see your issue with it except to be argumentative.

      • Argumentative is the very NATURE of this format! People expressing their point of view, guaranteed under Freedom of Speech!

      • Trump Campaigned to Send the Mexicans Back to Mexico, which I hope he will do! One of the reasons I hope they are sent back to Mexico is because I have experienced Mexicans to be very, very Anti-Black. The Majority of America, who voted for Trump, voted for him to send the Mexicans back to Mexico; the Mexican children & their parents.

      • TRUMP HAS BETRAYED his Campaign Pledge to sign order to send the Mexicans back to Mexico on his 1st day in office….note he talks about everything EXCEPT the DACA issue.

      • He can’t just send them back if they’re protected under DACA, and he is addressing DACA. He gave Congress 6 months to draft something to fix it, or said he will.

      • No Mexican Pride….MOST AMERICANS; those who voted for Trump, don’t want them here; Mexican children & Mexican adults.

      • So what you and others experience makes up the “most”. Those are good stats. Uh huh. I can’t say I know a slew of Mexicans, just 4 close, and none of them have had issues with my black friends or family.

        And yes, countries can regulate illegals, but once permitted residency, whether one President overstepped his bounds or not, we’ve told them it’s ok to marry, work and reside here, and now we go back on our word and harm American employers and spouses because the U.S. doesn’t back their promises. Yup, makes sense. Not.

      • Law Firm in Texas sued an Hispanic Clinic for neglecting to treat a Black person for STD was taken to Court & lost suit had to $$$$$ for blatant discrimination.

      • chargfox, It is American to differ and/or argue, guaranteed under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

      • Argue is Synonymous under Freedom of Speech, which is the Foundation of this FORMAT; for people to ARGUE their perspective or point-of-view!!! which you have argued your point of view & others differ with your argument is the very purpose of this FORMAT!

      • Whatever you say. You still veered way off topic from the comment I made so you could start a completely new argument about arguing. I mean really…how old ARE you?

      • @chargfox, Theo is OK, you are the one who lacks the understanding of this format; that this format is to ARGUE, which is rooted & covered under Freedom of Speech [1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution]…you don’t get it….It’s not Theo; it U! Freedom of Speech gives Theo the right to ARGUE his point-of-view!

      • @chargfox, Nay! Nay! u started this argument SUBJECT with Theo by accusing him of becoming “argumentative” on the DACA subject, which he was addressing & u took & twisted his point-of-view as being “argumentative.” Theo is On-Point to Argue his Point-Of-View, which the purpose of this FORMAT.

      • Carlos nay nay. I said I didn’t see his issue except his just wanting to argue (ie: being argumentative). To be honest, forums aren’t for arguing but debate…debate being a reasoned argument. The irrational reasoning however here is I say someone’s issue is just wanting to argue…ie: never said they weren’t allowed…and it turned to he has a right to argue. Would’ve made more sense had I questioned his right to argue. Capice?

      • @chargfox. brother please, there is a thin line between “debate” & “argue”. It’s a matter of one’s opinion which is which, therefore, it’s u who is WRONG, not Theo.

      • Argue/Debate? chargfox where are u from? Asking Theo what is his age is not the Topic! You are the problem! His age is not relevant…he is addressing the DACA matter, which is all that’s necessary.

      • @chargfox, the brother is right, this FORMAT is for people to argue their point-of-view. If u can’t stand the heat, u get out the kitchen.

    • DACA was NEVER intended to be a PERMANENT remedy, therefore your argument blaming the past President or even the current President is wholly without merit. It’s like staying in a shelter, meaning, it’s wacky to take the SHELTER as a permanent home, then coping an attitude when the Shelter informs, you got to GO.

  3. EVERY NATION HAS THE RIGHT TO CONTROL it’s ILLEGAL POPULATION; America has reduced the Mexican Population Growth during the 50’s under President Eisenhower via what became known as the Wet Back Act.

    • Controlling the illegal population is necessary. And I like Trump. But without all the facts on this law, I can’t say how Trump would actually deal with it when it comes to those who are now married with families etc. I just attended my nieces wedding in June to Sig Acevedo, who was brought here as a child, works here as an adult, speaks fluent English, has never broken the law,and just married my niece. They’ve been together for some time. I need to do some checking on this law. Controlling illegals is much needed but tearing up families isn’t.

      • chargfox, it is written in the Bible, ‘the sins of the fathers are inherited by the children’, in words to say, the Mexican or South American Parents’ Illegal Conduct to involve and/or bring their children to the U.S. is Inherited by the children; that ILLEGALITY is passed-on-to-the-children.

      • Theo, it is also written:

        The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. Ezekiel 18:20

        My American niece has done nothing to deserve having her family ripped apart either. It’s no different than any military man who marries a foreigner and brings her home…like a friend of mine, who went through the rigorous procedures for citizenship while she lived here and he was busy fighting for us in Iraq. She’s a teacher now with flawless English. Just like Sigi working and supporting his family. These are the types of foreigners we should want to have here. Its far better than some Americans who have never worked, popping out 5 and 6 babies on Welfare, and/or dealing drugs.

        But from what I’ve been looking at so far, Sigi’s protected until his DACA expires in August.

      • chargfox, I thank u for imparting to me Ezekiel 18:20. I contend the supreme issue or argument encompasses IMPUTE; meaning that which is Passed-On or Inherited by Another; as If I did something Illegal & Passed it on to my children makes them Party to My Illegal conduct. The Law of All Nations WILL Not allow My children to Retain or Inherit the Illegality I passed-on to them, even if that illegality was me entering into any Sovereign Nation illegally. As such, under Internatilonal Law, me & my children are subject to deportation.

      • OK Then you need to leave this country, unless you’re full blooded Indian, as I do believe everyone else immigrated here on the Mayflower.

      • Under International Law, the Native Americans were conquered, therefore their law, which your argument is based, is Not applicable. The Law of the people that conquered the Indians is applicable. In addition, your argument does not apply to DACA.

      • Your own argument doesn’t hold as you think that if nearly 800,000 people who were led to believe they were legally permitted to stay were deported, some married with families now, wouldn’t throw this country into civil war. Something we don’t need.

      • NO WAY Civil War: This Nation has every right as, in the past under the Wet Back Act of the 1950’s to deport any person or people who entered into the U.S. ILLEGALLY, which did not result in a Civil War. Don’t forget DACA was initially established by Obama in 2012 as a “temporary” remedy; not a permanent remedy. Where is their Mexican Pride?…why would the Mexicans or South Americans want to stay in a Country that MOST of the people don’t want them here?

      • chargfox, previously you even stated and/or agreed that Every Nation, including the U.S., have the Right to Control It’s Illegal Population. As such, that’s it; game over, because that’s what this DACA and/or Illegal Aliens subject is all about. Those affected under DACA should blame their parents, not the U.S., & equally they should blame the President of Mexico or the Leaders of Mexico for the deplorable conditions in Mexico……

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