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We’ve reached the season finale of this wonderful show and boy did it go out with a BANG!

Episode 10 picks up from where we left off with Raina’s (Donshea Hopkins) tragic, untimely death and –Ish just got real!

The St. Patrick’s are in mourning but also on a mission. James “Ghost” (Omari Hardwick) Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) visit the police station to give their statements. Tariq straight up lies and tells the detectives that he doesn’t know anything and he didn’t witness a damn thing. Tasha can sense he’s lying but Ghost thinks he’s telling the truth, because the hit looked professionally done. And he thinks he knows who’s behind it – the Jimenez. He sends a text to Tommy (Joseph Sikora) telling him what happened to Raina and with guns in hand, they vow to handle it.

Ghost and Tommy are not the only ones on a hunt to find Raina’s killer. Tariq knows for certain who pulled that trigger and took his twin sister’s life – Officer Raymond “Ray Ray” Jones (Marcus Callender), and he’s hell-bent on finding him to handle the situation all by himself.

Tariq makes a call to the one person who just may know where to find Jones since he introduced them in the first place. When Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) gets a call from Tariq, Kanan doesn’t have any answers for him. Besides, he’s got bigger problems of his own that need to be handled – like someone tried to kill him, and he needs to find out who ordered that hit.

With the two dead bodies of the men who attempted to take his life stashed in the trunk of his car, Kanan rolls up on Tommy asking if he was responsible. Though Tommy’s caught off guard,he assures Kanan that neither he nor Ghost had anything to do with it. After one look at the bodies in the trunk, Tommy immediately recognizes the tattoos all over their hands as marks of the Tainos – Cristobal’s (Matt Cedeno) crew, and tells Kanan that Cristobal has been running real tight with Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) as of lately.

Dre. That’s a name that keeps rolling off of everyone’s tongues and has made him a moving target.

When Ghost and Tommy head straight to the Toros Locos crew with guns blazing, they find out that the Jimenez had nothing to do with Raina’s death because they’re gangstas with a code that doesn’t believe in killing kids. Through their “aggressive” questioning,  they do however find out that Julio’s (J.R. Ramirez) death was a setup conspired by none other than shifty Dre. Before Tommy  can even get all the details on what Dre did, Ghost kills the Toros Locos gang member.

Now the hunt is on to find Dre but somehow Tariq tracks him down first at Truth. He’s not playing. Once he spots Dre  he threatens to tell his father and Tommy everything he knows like the fact that he knew about Kanan being alive before anyone else did. Dre gives up Ray’s whereabouts, which he knows since Ray came to him for money to get out of Dodge.

Tasha is at home grieving her daughter’s death amongst friends and family that no one has ever seen before. Where’s her mother?  Even her boo-thang Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) drops by to offer his condolences and tell Tasha how much he loves her. He asks about Ghost but Tasha doesn’t have much to tell him. She’s much more worried about Tariq, especially after noticing he’s gone and so is her gun.

Desperate times call for desperate measures which leads Tasha to Angela Valdez (Lela Loren.) Tasha needs a fast trace on Tariq’s phone and figures Angela’s shady ass can make it happen.  She comes through, but warns Tasha that James is done he gets caught up in any more criminal acts. In the office, Tasha calls James “Ghost,” something that Angela had yet to figure out.

Angela already knew more than she told Tasha. She knew that not only had Ray visited Tariq’s school, she’d also saw that he’d been accessing Tariq’s witness statement. She questions him and he plays nice cop, but she knows that’s a lie.

With Angela and Kanan’s  help, Ghost, Tasha and Tommy are all able to arrive at Ray Ray’s location in Washington Heights just moments after Tariq gets there.

Tariq finds Ray Ray inside an apartment gathering all of his money and his belongings to skip town. Tariq and Ray Ray exchange words and somewhere in between calling Tariq a b*tch and Raina a “G” – a gun goes off. Ghost, Tommy and Tasha get to the apartment to find Ray Ray shot dead on the floor.

Now the adults in the room scramble to clean up the mess. Tasha takes her gun from Tariq while Tommy and Ghost wrap up Ray Ray’s body. Tommy remembers seeing Ray Ray with Dre earlier that day and Ghost asks Tariq how he knew where to find Ray Ray and the answer is of course – Dre.

Tasha gets Tariq home and tells him exactly what to do from start to finish. Go straight to the bathroom, take off your clothes and put them in a trash bag. Scrub your fingernails and your hair until you wash off every bit of the day. For the first time, Tariq follows instructions without any questions or talking back. He’s now realized that his mama is in on everything. We don’t think he’s going back to his fancy prep school now, do we?

Tasha is ready to take the blame for her son’s transgressions. She meets with Silver and tells him that she needs a lawyer. When  Silver tells her that he can’t be both her lover and her lawyer, she hands him a check. Because she’s going to need a good lawyer after they trace the bullets left in the wall of Ray Ray’s apartment.

And just like that, a new problem crops up for Ghost. Agent Saxe has found a woman who thinks she recognizes Ghost’s voice on TV as the guy who killed her boyfriend. (She’s right; Ghost killed him in Season 1). Now, she’s ready to talk to the prosecutors about what she knows and they’re ready to listen.

Dre, who also killed Father Callahan (Jim Norton) this episode because the priest found out Dre set up Julio and he thought that was more morally offensive than selling drugs out of his parish, is now the shared problem for Tommy, Ghost and Kanan and they’re ready to take him out. But when they see Dre finishing up a meeting with the Jimenez they realize killing him will take more time and more soldiers. But with Kanan joining the crew and Tommy newly made men Italian family, Season 5 should be good.

QUOTABLE: “Figure out some alibis, we’re gonna need them.” -Tommy

KILL LIST (For Season 5) 1.DRE

Wanda J. Coppage is a full -time Music Director at an Urban AC radio station, journalist and proud Virginia State University alum – Go Trojans! As a music enthusiast who can’t go a day without hearing R&B/Soul or Classic Hip Hop as well as a TV passionista, why not live a life that covers both?  

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3 thoughts on “‘Power’ Season 4 Finale Recap: “Things Get Handled”

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Looks like no matter how hard Ghost tries to escape his past and go legit, he gets dragged back under because of some bull. Oh well…on another note, I can’t wait to see how Dre meets his fate and I hope Lorenz Tate’s character is short lived, I despise crocked politicians, no good dirty “people of the cloth”, and dirty cops. On the flip side, I hate murders and drug dealers also, but since this is drama (fiction), I can root for my favorite TV bad guys, Tommy & Ghost. Kanaan well…not so much, still don’t like or trust him, a tiger never changes his stripes they just get better at hiding who they are. Dang I guess I could say the same about Ghost lol.

  2. I didn’t like that pastor and Lorenz Tate telling Ghost what/where/how his daughter’s funeral was going to be done. If they don’t know who Ghost really is, they gonna find out. Tariq still needs his spoiled non listening lying ass beat. But he took care of his sister’s murderer. Dre’s days are numbered. All depends on who gets him first. Liked the thee amigos – Ghost, Tommy and Kanan together again.

  3. I’m glad to see Ghost, Tommy & Kanan back together again! I wanted them to make Ray Ray suffer though. Tasha did what any mother would do. She’s protecting her child. I’ve loved Power since season one, but this has been by far the best season. I hate Raina had to be sacrificed though.

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