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Alhough authorities aren’t feeling one thousand percent positive that Fredrick Demond Scott, 22, committed all of the murders in the mysterious Indian Creek homicides, he has been charged with two of the killings after DNA evidence linked him to the crimes and surveillance video actually showed him in this latest one. According to what he told police, the men “didn’t see it coming.”

“I am announcing today, charges against a single suspect, in two fatal shootings about a year apart, said Jackson County Prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker in a press room statement. Baker said the homicides “were in the vicinity of a very popular trail in South Kansas City.”

Scott said he would “kill all white people,” according to court records and reported by The Star. In 2014 he also threatened to aim fire at a school.

The motive, though unclear, may have something to do with the 2015 murder of his older brother, Gerard Woods. He is said to have “repeatedly” voiced his anger about the incident to police.

Scott’s M.O. in the merciless crimes was generally to take these men, aged between 54- 67, to “isolated spots along walking trails” and shoot them in the back of the head. But this latest victim, Steven Gibbons, was murdered in broad daylight. Gibbons, the latest victim Scott is charged with killing, was murdered on August 13 in the area of 67th Street and Troost. He was captured by surveillance cameras that showed him  following Gibbons off of a bus and then, after the murder took place, getting back on the bus. A statement read by the Jackson County Prosecutor says the camera “panned away at the time of the homicide.”

Scott, who is being charged with First Degree Murder, was linked to the crime by DNA evidence. The prosecutor says the video shows Scott “carrying and drinking from a bottle.” Later, the cap from that bottle would provide DNA evidence because it matched evidence found at the scene of the victims homicide. “DNA from a cigarette was also matched from that bottle,” says Baker.

Scott is also being charged with the First Degree Murger of John Palmer, 56, who was shot on August 19, 2016 in the area of Indian Creek Trail and 99th and Holmes.

Here’s what the police is still seeking the public’s help with: Trying to connect Scott to three other shootings.

“We are especially interested in his acquisition. His use and disposal of guns and ammunition,” says Baker.

Watch the Kansas City Star video report.

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