Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Letters


Here on Black America Web, we’ve started a relief fund for the people helping families and victims of Hurricane Harvey. Below are the letters Tom has been reading. If you’d like to make a donation to the relief fund click here.

Relief Fund Letter: Linda

Relief Fund Letter: Paul Leech

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20 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Letters

  1. Karen Davis on said:

    I was contacted several times by your staff associate Majesty..she was trying to reach, and o thought was helping my neighbor, that reached out to your agency several months ago. Each time she was contacted..we thought that help was on the way for her trauma after brain surgery, the flood an how she opened her doors to strangers to help when, wasnt even able to help herself an her kids.
    Eack time Majesty called, there was an issue or stall it seems. Why are you trying to reach her every 30 days but not helping? Smh..Can corporate oversee these files? Who can I contact besides Jesus, for support.
    Lets support our Black community without the hassle and investigation of white supremacist we have been experiencing all our life.
    When have credit checks been in place for non profit help.
    God Bless & Have Mercy.

  2. BENNIE PROFIT on said:

    I am a mother of 6 soon to be 7 lost everything thing in harvey including my job fema denied me the worker i got was so rude i don’t know what i am going to do my baby is due next month really need to move car about to break down because it got water damage and no insurance so no anything for my kids anything would be greatly appreciated

    • gabriella Wyman on said:

      I understand how you feel I am in the same boat i am live in a hazardous house with no ceiling in my room and mildew and mold in the house, fema is taking forever and i have a 71 year old day that cannot walk really or seen it is so hard to find a place because of my father and because the rent has when up so high after Harvey. we cannot even cook in the kitchen and I have two daughters that I am trying to help and they both have high risk pregnancy and one is on the way next week i have try everything and don’t know what to do and on top of that I have sickle cell and just had treatments and have been sick because of the mold and mildew. Just know you are not alone and it hurts because it seem like there is no help i even have lost my car all i do is pray for help

  3. SANDRA BAZILE on said:

    I am from Pt. Arthur,Tx.My apt was flooded. I’m a 65yr old female, type2 diabetic and dialysis patient. I lost almost everything. Somehow, I thought to put a few things high. But I could not save my furniture or appliances. Clothes were in totes, but water got in them anyway. I would be grateful for any help I get! Praise GOD for you, Mr.JOYNER!

  4. Charlene Anderson on said:

    Hello, Tom I’m a survivor of Hurricane Harvey. Me and my children lose everything and are still not in our own home. It has been a trying time for us with no help from Red Cross and FEMA is still pending. If your still helping with the relief fund how can I sign up. I have 3 children and a single parent that st this point is struggling and feels like I’m at the point of giving up. All I need is a little help.

  5. Michael Navey on said:

    Hi. Tom im Michael Navey live in port arthur one of the victim of harvey we lost everything my mom and my brothers living with a cousin still in need of clothes and other thingsim sending this letter to see ifcwe could get some help thanks and God Bless We Still have Faith.

  6. Johanna Villafana on said:

    Hello my name is Johanna Villafana and I’m 22 years old. My mother n law and her four kids and her fiance had to move with me and my five children because Harvey took everything from them. It’s so hard to manage a house of 12 people. Could someone direct me to someone help. I just had a newborn on October 7 and I am forced to return to work next week. Venus ( my mother n law) has signed up for food stamps and is looking for work now. They lost their home and car. We went to pick them up in Dallas. I need some type of resource for help please!

  7. Sonya Morris on said:

    Dear Mr. Joyner my name is Sonya Morris and my mother Mosie L. Turner age 90 from Houston, Texas was affected by Harvey. Her home was flooded and she has not been able to return home everything in her home was lost, FEMA has given her $2,600. for the repair of her home and that is just not enough. She has made herself sick by worrying about how can she repair her home due to she’s on fixed income . We are trying to our best to help but other in our family was affected also but not as bad. Mr. Joyner I know that your foundation has helped a many people that was affected by Harvey can you please help my mother.

  8. Ms. Eloise is an upstanding senior citizen, who has housed a family of 5 (not related to her, but members of the same church ) that were displaced due to Hurricane Harvey from Sept 2nd to the present day Oct 27th and probably on to the end of the month.
    As soon as she heard the news of this family in need, there was no hesitation by Ms Eloise to open her home. She is a precious leader that demonstrates true heroism, leadership by her example, and is selfless, never expecting anything in return.
    Not only has she helped this family by opening up her home, she also started a weekly bible study to share what God has taught her as a single mom raising 2 great kids who are now adults.
    We admire Ms Eloise, she is a woman of love, strength, courage and generosity.
    She is a humble woman who doesn’t boast and that is why I bring you her nomination.

  9. Micko Bernard on said:

    Good morning
    Tom Joyner, my name is Micko and I live in Orange, Texas! I was currently affected by hurricane Harvey! Due to water damage, my wife and I as well as our 3kids lost everything, except a few things that we were able to bring along with us! So know we a currently living with my cousin and his wife and 5 other people, I’m currently not working because my job is still temporary shut down due to Harvey, and even though I can’t afford it, I would atleast like to give my cousin and his wife for taking us in, as well as getting some of the basic necessities, and clothes and shoes mainly for my kids! Plus it’s getting cooler so I tryed to go with out but now I can use any help I can get! If you can do anything I thank you in advance, if not I still want to thank you for all you do!

  10. Marvin Jones on said:

    Dear Tom, My name is Marvin. I would like to nominate someone who gives so much of herself everyday of the year, my case manager, Robbin Uwadia. Robbin and her 3 children, like many, lost everything during the storm. I recently learned that she has located housing and when I asked her about furniture, she mentioned that furniture was the last thing on her mind as long as her kids are safe they are okay sleeping on a mattress. I couldn’t imagine sharing a mattress with 3 growing children. I feel really bad for her because she is a social worker and we know that she is not being paid much. She dedicates so much of herself to help her clients out but she doesn’t have anyone to help her out. I am not in a position to provide monetary support but I at least can advocate for her as she has done for so many.

  11. Tiffany Turner on said:

    Dear Tom my Name is Tiffany Turner, I live in Port Arthur Texas .I lived in a house with my sister and her seven kids. My family is displaced. I have three of the kids with me ,and she has the other four living in the tents with her .Her name is Tomeka Turner. We are still waiting on assistant. we are in desperate need of help anyway you can. thanks. Tiffany Turner.

  12. CRYSTAL GODFREY on said:

    Hello Tom Joyner, my name is Crystal and me and my 4 kids was lost everything due to harvey. My kids school informed me that you were helping families in need . any help would be greatly appreciate it. How do I apply to the correct site if this isn’t it.

  13. Linda Wyckoff on said:

    I have 6 peoples in my two bedroom house I’m runing out of let them useing my person thing until i get help redcross trun me down and so did ferm and foodstamp i need help from some one i do work to cover the bills please help me thank you and may god keep bless you Amen

  14. Jonathan leblanc on said:


    I’m a resident of Houston Tx, and thank God I did not sustain any damages during Hurricane Harvey, but my daughter who lives in Beaumont, Tx has lost everything during the storm. And to make matters worse her 4 kids were removed from her and placed in my care. I’m a single black male now raising 4 beautiful kids (3 girls ages 8, 5, and 7 weeks and 1 boy age 6.) School has started about 2 weeks ago, and they’re starting over again needing a lot of things. Any help would be Greatly appreciated.

  15. Sherry Mitchell on said:

    Need info how to apply for disaster relief help for my daughter and my 6 grand kids who lost nearly everything from hurricane Irma in Florida

  16. Shantray Demerson on said:

    My Dearest Tom Joyner… I am writing this letter for my grandmother Lilia Caraway of Houston, Texas who is 87 years young, who was a victim of Harvey. My name is Shantray, and it hurts me to knowingly see my grandmother experience a flood loosing everything a “SECOND TIME AROUND”! She is very seasoned and set in her ways and refuses to leave and loose her home of 60 years. She at this point is trying to save what she can but in all seriousness she lost everything, all items need to be replaced! Yes I know material things are not as important as me having her in “:My Life” but if I can put a warm smile on her face and her heart that would do me some good, if you could help! She just told me Sunday if I can just get back to my house everything will be alrite! If I could please get some assistance in making this HAPPEN I AM SURE EVERYTHING IN HER WORLD WILL BE ALRITE! Sign a most gracious Granddaughter Shantray Demerson!

  17. I heard my mom Rosa Jones was awarded some help for taking me and my girls in on the radio yesterday and it warmed my heart. Its about time she is recognized for her huge heart. During this disaster not only did we lose our home; my girls lost their Dad and I lost my heart and my way. My mom has taken on that burden no questions asked as usual. Thank you Tom; your amazing. Is there a way I can save that clip for memories? I can’t find it. Again thank you from my broken heart.

  18. Shevon samples on said:

    Deer Tom Joyner my name is Siobhan samples and I live in Houston Texas we were affected by Hurricane Harvey but by the grace of God and my hardworking mother we were able to get through it just fine I’m only writing because my mother Tundra Johnson has so much on her plate right now Not only was her job clothes for days before she can actually get to it she still found a way to take care of me my kids my uncle which is mentally disabled and my brother times are hard right now but she’s stretching her dollar thin thin thin I don’t know what I would do without my mom she’s the rock of our family see you after my grandmother died my mother inherited my brother which is 45 years old with mental disabilities and some physical disabilities due to Two Strokes that he had a couple years back but she keeps on pushing she doesn’t complain all I’m asking for you to do is Thomas help her give her some relief financially anything that you would do I’m sure she really would appreciate it for She’s Too Proud to ask for help but I see her struggling I see the expression on her face when she have more bills than money whatever you can find in your heart to do we would really appreciate it sincerely Shavon samples

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