Rev. Al Sharpton Says, ‘We Must Be Our Brothers And Sisters Keepers.’


Rev. Al Sharpton reflects on Hurricane Katrina and how we need to help out during and after Hurricane Harvey.

“I wanna really appeal to people to find legitimate ways that we can be of assistance to those in the Houston area because the devastation is not over,” explained Sharpton.

So many people have been displaced. Sharpton says, “Houston people are having to go to New Orleans. We must be our brothers and sisters keepers.”

The Reverend encouraged people to,”find a legitimate charity and a legitimate church so that we can do the right thing.”

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4 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Says, ‘We Must Be Our Brothers And Sisters Keepers.’

  1. FallMornings on said:

    I gave to the Salvation Army, just don’t trust the Red Cross. How much did you give Rev? Lip service or a sermon is not what they need.

    • Yes we are suppose to be our brothers/sisters keepers. But ACTIONS speaks LOUDER than WORDS. So alot of organizations need to step up to the plate as well.

  2. I donated to the Red Cross, not knowing about all of their fraudulent activates. Hopefully they will do right by the ppl who are being misplaced.

  3. I agree with Al Sharpton-however, just like with Hurricane Katrina in 2005-there will be those
    who are out to fleece the survivors of this horrendous act of nature.

    However, this time, I hope that FEMA is on the ball, and that the Red Cross does not see this as an opportunity to STEAL folks donations and put them in their own pockets.

    I would love to make a donation towards the devastation of Harvey, but am unsure what
    organizations to Trust when it comes to donating.

    Something tells me that Chump is LYING again when he states that he plans to
    make sure that all of the people affected will be granted assistance.

    We all know how much he really cares about folks of COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!

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